westworld season 3 episode 1

30 essential albums from the last 30 years. That puts a big twist on her board meeting. Liam says he should be concerned about Delos. In the next scene, Caleb gets a job for “Party Cleanup” after someone “made a mess.” “Bonus points for speed and silence,” they note. Or is this something we haven’t seen before? Dolores fights back, taking on multiple gunshots, in what is an intense scene. (He says his last contact was 92 days ago, which would be shortly after the massacre at WestWorld. Powered by. They talk about how the one missing person had stipulated a machine shareholder’s proxy and that machine agrees with Charlotte. The episode begins with a map showing an anomaly or divergence of sorts. He’s been looking for something “real” to connect to, and this is it. They take Dolores to the spot indicated on her phone where she was planning to meet someone. Dolores tries to pressure Liam for more information and he notes, “If I was going to tell you the system would already know and he’d already be dead just like my dad.” Lot of information there. The man tries to kill Dolores and suffers the same fate as his wife, introducing a theme we’ll return to again and again this season — if you have enough data on somebody, their moves become predictable. Suddenly they’re interrupted by Sons of Anarchy silver fox, who incapacitates Dolores and reveals to Liam that she’s not who she seems. I'm good with that! She reminds them that one person (Bernard Lowe) created the massacre and murdered their founder. One other thing to note during this scene is the empty chair at the board room table. She reminds the board that they have a lot of proprietary assets that are going to be worth a lot of money down the line and they need to protect them. If one is stuck in a loop, it's best to try walking in a straight line. Here’s the map he used. Charlotte Hale returns to Delos for a board meeting. Bernard has a love of life within him, making him very different from Dolores. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. When threatened, he auto-activates killbot mode to protect himself — we assume Dolores put in that code as well (granted, it makes no sense he would have a keychain fob for this, but that's a way of explaining visually to the audience what’s going on rather than Bernard just abruptly attacking everybody … like, what if he accidentally hit it while reaching in his pocket?). She argued this might not be the case if the leak was from inside, such as through Liam himself. Consider this a "Fuck yeah," Westworld. She explains that she doesn’t want to kill everyone, but she knows that he would be a threat to her and her kind. At the meeting, we learn that biomechanical and agritech are Delos’ core businesses. Clearly she brought him out of the park and then set him free, but why? Next we see the AI pointing out an “Elevated Scrutiny” area in London. Caleb’s using a RICO app where he takes Redistributive Justice jobs. As a first episode, it was okay. This outer conflict is reflected within his code too. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. We know she’s going to win ultimately because of all the assets she has at her disposal. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy This dystopian future, it’s already here, man! Liam also shows Dolores a giant black ball called Rehoboam that’s a bit like Incite’s AI Death Star. Westworld isn’t exactly known to introduce ideas casually and for no reason. There are little hints along the way, like Caleb telling him, “That’s what you always said…” — using past tense — that give their exchanges a disconnected, hollowed-out feel. This is a much more straightforward installment of Westworld than we're typically used to, which is why watching an injured Dolores pass out into Caleb's arms as one of the show's musical theme swells in the background actually feels earned. He’s working at a stockyard and has grown an impressive hipster beard that still can’t hide his conflicted existential angst. She spies on her ineffectual beau as he gets dressed down over concerns that somebody, or something, is “testing the system,” somebody who has access or has “abused the trust of somebody who already had access.” I assume they’re not referring to Dolores as she’s trying to get access, for some nefarious purpose, but seemingly doesn’t have it yet. Dolores pays him a visit in a terrifying but compelling scene. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. (By the fourth episode, by and by, you will still not have been told what those eerie black-and-white interstitials are all about — the ones that name a city and use tags like “anomaly detected,” so I’m just guessing here: I suspect they represent this AI globe keeping track of what we’re seeing, and are also a way of simply telling the audience which gleaming future-scape city we’re going to next as the story hops around). Caleb introduces us to an ingenious gig-economy crime app where he picks up extra money (to help support his mother who’s suffering from dementia, lest we think less of him). Charlotte advocates the company riding out the controversy rather than scrapping the parks over the mere murder of 113 people, and even offers some NRA-inspired logic: “Robots don’t kill people, people kill people.” Some at the table are outraged when she consults “the machine” to support her decision. From the start, this drew me in and I knew this season was going to be different, but it would still bring the intrigue and mystery that I love. (Of course, William was that type once too.). The man in question is an investor and former executive at Incite, a global data-driven tech company that’s sort of like Google a few decades from now if the company utterly abandoned its “don’t be evil” slogan. It seems like he’s barely making ends meet while also trying to keep his mom in a good medical facility that costs a lot of money. This isn’t 2020, but with a world this refined, people still want to escape. The real Charlotte was killed. He made 5 crime coins in one job that are worth $1200. Given Charlotte Hale’s comment about him in the board meeting, perhaps he’s serving as a diversionary scapegoat, somebody for authorities to chase and blame that distracts from Dolores’ own activities? I can’t wait for Episode 2. Just as I expected, Paul is going to be phenomenal in this series. But what I didn’t expect was that she would have a host ready who looks just like Liam’s security guy. A woman is telling Liam that they’re unhappy there’s been some turbulence in the data, but Liam doesn’t think it’s a big deal. We open with some good ol' Black Mirror-esque sci-fi dystopia as an evil corporate executive’s connected home gets turned against him — “Alexa, trap and torment the spouse-abusing billionaire.”. Here, Dolores meets Rehoboam the sphere AI face-to-face. We learn during this scene that Paul believes that society is basically a game that’s been rigged by the powerful to make sure they always win. Next, we get our first look at how the outside world is responding to what happened at the Westworld Delos park. The audience — like the hosts — have escaped Delos’ claustrophobic theme park boxes and are running free: We’re in China, we’re in Los Angeles, we’re in London. The Man in Black. We later learn that this is a divergence in data from the Rehoboam AI device. After she gets what she wants in money and assets, the investor tries to kill her, but ends up dying in his own attempt. Dolores gets a fantastic entrance, swimming laps naked in the pool before turning her attention to the executive, who wakes to find his wife unconscious and hands zip-tied. "Parce Domine" dares to go beyond the show's previous boundaries, embarking upon an entirely different world while successfully adding Aaron Paul to its beloved set of actors. There are designer drug tabs like the one the executive put on his tongue before going to sleep (whatever that is, it still can’t be weirder than being on Ambien). He eventually unsubscribes to Francis, saying, “If I’m going to get on with my life, I need to find something, someone ... real,” which is a rather ironic “be careful what you wish for” sentiment. Dolores later eavesdrops on a conversation with Liam about the AI. It’s a bit of a double coincidence that these two manage to cross paths twice, but we’re down for it. We get a fun sequence where Dolores hops on a motorcycle and zooms around while Ramin Djawadi’s score (which I absolutely love this season) goes into electro overdrive. “No one knows what the system is doing other than its original architect,” Liam says, and we’re just really hoping that that’s not the same as The Matrix Reloaded’s exposition-splaining Architect (“Ergo, Dolores, your five predecessors were by design based on a similar predication; vis-a-vis, love”). Season 3 premiere. In London, Dolores goes to a party where she meets up with Liam Dempsey (John Gallagher Jr.), a real piece of work who is credited as Incite’s co-founder. Moving out of the park certainly sparked interest, as did Paul's always welcome presence, and the rest of Episode 1 got enough right to spark hope for the new season. She coerces him into funding her “origin of a new species … startup,” along with handing over some confidential files he took from Incite. Next, in one of the most intense scenes of the premiere, Bernard’s coworkers discover who he is. It’s a reference to the all-knowing system being able to predict what people will do, and that his father may have been murdered to protect the company. Overall, this was an amazing episode. “It’s like someone is testing the system,” she said. Liam’s security man discovered that Dolores wasn’t who she claimed to be, and that she had sent an encrypted text about luring Liam out.

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