volleyball court size

If you were using the metric system then the half court area is 9 meters by 9 meters while the entire court is 18 meters long by 9 meters wide. USA Volleyball and the NCAA recommended having a free space of 6m (20’) and state that adjacent courts may share free space. Indoor Volleyball court dimensions: 9 meters wide and 18 meters long. This is a key feature of a volleyball court known as the 10-foot line or attack line. Volleyball courts (indoor) are flat and horizontal playing surfaces sized for the game of volleyball.

Understanding volleyball court dimensions has big impact on how well you play the game of volleyball. Adjacent courts built side by side are recommended to have a free space of 5-6m (16’-20’) and may share free space.

The volleyball court is rectangular in shape and is symmetrical. Each side of the court is therefore 30 feet by 30 feet in size. However, after this change was implemented, the size of the Beach Volleyball court was reduced. The full volleyball court area is 59 feet x 29' 6". The required beach volleyball court dimensions for USA Volleyball and NCAA doubles competition is 16m by 8m (52’6” by 26’3”). The volleyball court specifications require the court to be 18 meters (60 feet) long and 9 meters (30 feet) wide.. April 11, 2015 wpadminskhdev.

Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Beach Volleyball court dimensions: 8 meters wide and 16 meters long. Print this diagram (PDF) Post navigation. On each side of the net, there is a 3 meter parallel line. The volleyball court dimensions of the playing area are 18 x 9 meters circumscribed by an area of free zone with a length of 3 meters on all its sides. The official indoor volleyball court size in American measuring units is 29'6" by 29 feet and six inches for the half court area. The full volleyball court area is 60 feet x 30 feet. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules. Volleyball Court Dimensions Diagram. Posts should be placed 1m (3’-4”) from each side line, 10m (30’-7”) from each other(not shown). Previous Post Volleyball Court Dimensions Next Post Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Click Here to Print This Page; Click Here for Correct Bibliography Citation; Apply to be a Contributing Writer to SportsKnowHow.com ; Proudly powered by WordPress.

The official indoor volleyball court size in American measuring units is 29’6″ which is 29 feet and six inches for the half-court area. The overall measurements for a Volleyball court is 60 feet by 30 feet. Measurements, Centerline, Antenna. Attack line: The volleyball court has zones or areas that have particular dimensions. The required beach volleyball court dimensions for USA Volleyball and NCAA and FIVB and World doubles competition is 16m by 8m (52’6” by 26’3”). The key aspect of an attack line is that it divides the court into the back and front row area.

If adjacent courts are situated end line to end line, 9m(29’-6”) of free space is recommended.

It has been a part of the official program of the Summer Olympic Games since Tokyo 1964.. The free zone just above the playing perimeter is devoid of any kind of obstructions.

Volleyball courts are regulated at 59’ | 18 m in length with a width of 29’ 6” | 9 m. Attack lines dividing the front and back rows are marked 9’10” (10’) | 3 m parallel to the net. Volleyball Court Dimensions Court Dimensions. The volleyball court has a centerline that divides each teams side into a 9 by 9 meter area of court space.

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