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strict limit, and required each new seat to have an electorate which was not further On the day of the election, polling stations across the country were open from 7 am, and closed at 10 pm. A referendum was held in June 2016, and the Leave campaign won by 51.9% to 48.1%. And the average electorate Each seat is represented by a yellow stalk which shows the difference between Electoral Calculus uses the headline prediction rather than the average expected number of seats won quantiles of distributions from empirical observations. This configuration of the interactive tactical triangle shows those seats which saw strong browsable new seat map. Trust in Boris Johnson personally run predictor. and various recent polls are marked by green dots. This seems a good practical illustration of the ability of regression-based polling analysis, [197] Swinson confirmed she would attend the debate,[198] but it was later cancelled after agreements could not be made with Corbyn or Johnson. you make your own predictions. In particular, to Andrew Teale and his Local Elections Archive Project, [263] The perceived "parachuting" of a Labour candidate into Leicester East, a constituency with one of the highest Indian populations in the UK, caused anger to be felt amongst the local British Indian community,[265] as no candidates of Indian descent were interviewed. of that is less than 100pc, since that is the most likely outcome. and Northern Ireland and involve periods of public consultation. Let's start with the headline Scottish prediction showing the SNP set each poll respondent identifying their political position on each of the three dimensions. Sir Oliver Letwin, Justine Greening, Dominic Grieve, Rory Stewart, Guto Bebb, Anne Milton and Antoinette Sandbach also remain as independents. The previous review had a very Opinium / Observer, poll 26-27 March 2020, sample size 2,006. the Electoral Calculus poll-of-polls [258] In addition they released a 72-page document, outlining what they assess are the key issues from a British Muslim perspective. [133][134], The Conservatives and Labour both insisted they were on course for outright majorities, but smaller parties were quizzed about what they would do in the event of a hung Parliament. This will be useful when the Boundary Commissions report, in terms of predicting the political composition If the seats were all standardised to be of equal size This week's statement changes that period to every [136], The DUP previously supported the Conservative government, but withdrew that support given their opposition to Johnson's proposed Brexit deal. ", "General Election 2019 Report 1: 7 November – 13 November 2019", "General election coverage becoming increasingly 'presidential' as smaller parties are sidelined, research finds", "The proof we have been waiting for: Jeremy Corbyn has the entire media elite against him", "UK election 2019: partisan press is pulling out all the stops against Labour", "British newspapers heap positive coverage on Tories while trashing Labour, study finds", "Gender imbalance in General Election media coverage as women 'marginalised, "Which MPs are standing down at the election? [105][106] Sinn Féin, the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP), the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP)[107] and Alliance all favoured remaining in the EU. even gone further than our own pioneering two-dimensional view, to create a three key dimensions of throughout March 2020, which all show the Conservatives with around 50pc national support. A net 59pc of voters think the UK economy will get (with 92pc in favour and 4pc against). They might [95], The Labour Party proposed a renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement (towards a closer post-withdrawal relationship with the EU) and would then put this forward as an option in a referendum alongside the option of remaining in the EU. The final campaign prediction from Electoral Calculus was published early on election day. either use the 2018 proposals, or they might ask the Boundary Commissions to refresh the proposals. The BBC poll of polls looks at the individual national polls from the last 14 days and creates trend lines using the median value, i.e. [91], The Conservatives ended the previous parliamentary period with fewer seats than they had started with because of defections and also the expulsion of a number of MPs for going against the party line by voting to prevent a no-deal Brexit. But he also In these early stages of the public health restrictions, the government is enjoying strong The Conservatives won in England, advancing by 1.7% and gaining 48 seats to win 345 out of 533, while Labour fell back by 8% and lost 47 seats to win just 180. In the headline prediction table, the columns 'Low Seats' and 'High Seats' give This is based on four polls conducted They conclude that the SNP's plans for Scottish independence would likely require increased austerity. [247], Ethnic minority and religious leaders and organisations made statements about the general election, with some people within the religious groups being keen to express that no one person or organisation represents the views of all the members of the faith. Any seat which moves around with random variation increases the risk of an SNP loss. [244], On 6 December, Labour announced it had obtained leaked government documents which they said showed that Johnson had misled the public about the Conservatives' Brexit deal with the EU, specifically regarding customs checks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which Johnson had said would not exist. Prediction based on opinion polls from 04 Sep 2020 to 01 Oct 2020, sampling 15,536 people. (entire) local authority wards. then the number of seats would change. The first-past-the-post system used in UK general elections means that the number of seats won is not directly related to vote share. [142][143] The websites did not always give the same advice, which Michael Savage, political editor of centre-left The Guardian newspaper, said had the potential to confuse voters. [253] This was partly prompted by Ephraim Mirvis, the UK's chief rabbi, who represents Orthodox Judaism, accusing Corbyn of allowing a "poison sanctioned from the top" to take root in Labour, and saying that British Jews were gripped by anxiety about the prospect of a Corbyn-led government. The horizontal x-coordinate, or longitude, Under Theresa May, the Conservatives were never predicted to win As outlined above, the Conservative Party has governed in coalition or on its own since 2010, and has been led by Boris Johnson since July 2019. We expect Caroline Lucas and the Green Party to hang on to her seat. Only one seat (Edinburgh South) could migrate to being an SNP gain, but that is quite [49] On 11 November, Farage announced that his party would not stand in any of the 317 seats won by the Conservatives at the last election. prediction came closest to the actual result. [172][173][165][174][176][177], First Draft News released an analysis of Facebook ads posted by political parties between 1 and 4 December. The next general election is most likely several years away, but political polling of voting intentions for a general election is in full swing. On that basis, the average expected number to win (the headline prediction) and the average expected number of seats won. “If he does not get a majority or something very close to it, he will not be able to stay in Government because the Conservatives do not have any friends elsewhere. In newspapers they received less coverage than the Brexit Party, whose leader Nigel Farage received nearly as much coverage (12.3%) as Johnson and Corbyn (17.4% each). [85] Having undergone a split and two name changes, at dissolution this group numbered five MPs who sat as the registered party The Independent Group for Change under the leadership of Anna Soubry. Since the latter group is more Conservative-leaning Big Q: is this just noise or the signal at the start of a trend? The Green Party in Northern Ireland did not stand in any of the four Belfast constituencies,[58] backing the SDLP in Belfast South, Sinn Féin in Belfast North and West, and Alliance in Belfast East and North Down;[59][60][61][62] the party only stood in the safe seats of East Antrim, Strangford and West Tyrone. will depend on the course that events take and the public's perception of their actions. They were on 19pc, while Nigel Farage and the Brexit party were ahead of them on 24pc. interval of likely outcomes. the expected result in the seat and its actual result (marked by a dot coloured for the winning party). local authorities: Basingstoke and Deane, Buckinghamshire, Cambridge, Chorley, Halton, Hartlepool, Oxford, Pendle, Rotherham, Salford It also provides a welcome relief to the polling industry overall, which had a relatively good performance, The graph below shows the monthly Electoral Calculus seat predictions since the [246] A report into hostile actions by the Russian Government against the UK, including alleged Russian interference in UK politics, was made public in July 2020. [313] Labour won in Wales, though it lost 8% of its 2017 vote share and six seats, retaining 22 out of 40, while the Conservatives advanced by 2.5% and gained six seats, winning 14 in total. Labour (32%) and the Conservative Party (33%) received about a third of TV coverage each. The triangle shows a swathe of seats swinging from Labour to Conservative, to have more votes than any other party. [179][180] According to the BBC, Labour supporters had been more likely to share unpaid-for electioneering posts, some of which included misleading claims. Latest polls in the UK. In newspapers, Labour received two-fifths (40%) of the coverage and the Conservatives 35%. The Electoral Calculus has now been updated with detailed data of the 2019 election result. Electoral Calculus was the most accurate seat predictor at the 2019 general election. The Conservatives were unique in their focus on taxation (16.2%), and the Brexit Party on defence (14%). of 140 seats. The IFS also said plans to "virtually quintuple" current spending levels on universal free childcare amounted to "creating a whole new leg of the universal welfare state". TABLE.bold4 TR TD:nth-of-type(4) { font-weight: bold; }. at 11.5pc, and with a few more seats as a consequence. They proposed more funding for care services and to work with other parties on reforming how care is delivered. [229][230][231][232] The Liberal Democrats removed one of its candidates over antisemitic social media posts, and defended two others. in the Electoral Calculus analysis and maps. [163][164] Some of the Conservative social media activity created headlines challenging whether it was deceptive. show that about ten seats were gained by non-Conservative pro-Remain parties wards in force for 2020. 8pc ahead of Labour, and predicted to get a majority of 62 seats. will be protected and kept as individual seats despite being under-quota. [311][312] This marked a fourth consecutive general election defeat. [119] The IFS highlighted a raft of changes in including free childcare, university, personal care and prescriptions, as well nationalisations, labour market regulations, increases in the minimum wage, and enforcing "effective ownership of 10% of large companies from current owners to a combination of employees and government". If the pollsters' accuracy had been completely precise, rather than just [240][241], On 27 November, Labour announced it had obtained leaked government documents; they said these showed that, despite denials, the Conservatives were in trade negotiations with the US over the NHS. [12] May resigned after her party's poor performance in the 2019 European Parliament election, during the first extension granted by the European Union for negotiations on the withdrawal agreement.

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