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There were no brown powers only the new during a turn and end if round bonus cards so we mixed with the base game to be more worthwhile. Ryan: Thanks for your comment! It would be good to add the wandering albatross, just to see the look on a player’s face when they do a hunt hoping for something with a wingspan of less than 1m. Actually the two cockatoos specify which food the players get. They then check the digital files for any potential errors (like if a file is misaligned or a different size than the quote). I found it very annoying when the European expansion came out and I always had to look in the rule book AND the bonus card to find out which terms score. Nectar is wild, so you can trade one nectar for one of any food when it applies.

What’s up with that? There are already about 250 cards in the deck and if we add more from Oceania and then potentially other continents, we might have a huge deck which is not only difficult to manage but also, the probability of drawing a card from all the regions becomes tougher. From the comments below, I guess this will be a small box expansion (as Europe has been), is that correct? Or it can only be used to pay for birds that cost nectar and/or wild resources (such as base game’s Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, whose cost is 1 wild resource)? I guess we will see what exciting things they came up with! I think with the success of Wingspan this would be a reasonable consideration. Right now there are North America, Europe, and Australia. Will moving the old boards out of my base game box allow for these boards to fit instead, or are these boards too big for the base game box? I was a big fan of Scythe and then Viticulture drew me further into Stonemaier Games with its’ worker placement platform on such a fun premise. Intriguing! For some terms it’s not intuitive. Because the very nature of nectar is transient, and because it’s more versatile than any other food type, any nectar remaining in your personal food supply at the end of the round is discarded. Another thought could be interaction with the discard pile as a unique way of “stealing” a food source from another bird: shuffle the discard pile and reveal 1 card. If there is a way to custom prepare the deck to draw from. We haven’t put our game away since we received it last December! The bottom row are the tiles that will be in the game. I hole they will make the nectar too without the need of buying yhe whole set again. Thank you for sharing the rulebook in advance. 3. grain/nectar My wife and I start each game by randomly placing three rows of goal tiles above the round numbers. For any bird power or bonus card that contains a condition on wingspan, flightless birds function as wild cards. Hi, My friends and I are really looking forward to seeing our local birds in the game. While we don’t have anything bat-themed in the works, it’s possible we could explore that theme someday. My biggest fear is that the game will go into the “steal a bid from someone / kill a bird on someone’s tableau / destroy eggs of your opponent / etc” route. An easy test for player interaction is to ask yourself, “Could all actions be taken simultaneously, scaled to any player count?” If the answer is no, there’s at least some player interaction in the game. As the new birds will bring new terms to some bonus cards (e.g.

These birds do not trigger birds with pink “once between turns” powers.”.

For now, enjoy your deep dive into the rulebooks, and have a great weekend! If you leave your email in a comment I can send you pictures of how I keep mine organized. Is the plan for future expansions be playable on these mats only, or possibly playable on both? We’ll discuss details of the expansion via the regular schedule. Activate these powers after completing all end-of-round steps.

However, I should note that nectar is found in the costs/abilities of 17 birds in the expansion (around 20%). bird card tray please large enough for all cards (sleeved) to make transport.easier. It does not. Have a look at his site: Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. But there’s the Latin name too, it might get a bit crowded. :). Airbus would sell the A340 to airlines looking for a Boeing 747 replacement, and it would be popular for the likes of Virgin Atlantic and Singapore Airlines for its long-range. It goes directly to the score sheet. And all of this extra sugar becomes food for birds. They are simple and subtle, and they won’t be for everyone.

Wingspan could be argued as a top five game of all time in my mind. Let’s dive into the aircraft with the world’s biggest wingspan. 1. Each player has a total of 26 turns throughout the game. Many of them have a set-collection aspect to them, similar to some of the bonus cards.

The preview on Box may distort elements of the PDF, so I highly recommend downloading the files before reading them.

You get a bonus for having eggs laid on birds at the end of the game.

We’ll discuss the details of the expansion when we’re ready to release it. Which quarter of 2020 can we expect the expansion to be ready? The box seems to be a very different shape to that of the European expansion. I’m going to shuffle all mine together and rotate the trays between games then do a big shuffle all together. Can’t wait to see the beautiful artwork! I hope there is pink powers (between turn trigger) in Oceania. In a large game with a lot of pink-powers, it can sometimes get difficult keeping track of powers that have been activated already. Each expansion is based on a different continent, but it is possible that we’ll make promo packs in the future with themes like the one you described. 1. It may be even safer to include both. David can be found on twitter @StudleyGamer and he actively participates on BoardGameGeek @DJStudley. Many of them have a set-collection aspect to them, similar to some of the bonus cards. Is there a place we can get them from that ships to South Africa at an affordable rate. Also I think this may be the only card art with more than one bird on it?).

I’m so glad Australia was your 3rd continent.

Big thanks to Natalia and Ana for creating such clear bird art for Wingspan! <3, Hi from Colorado. Will zebra finches be included in the expansion? i would love to see a dinosaur reskin of the base game, or dinosaur expansion, sans birds.

Moving on to the other element of Wingspan Oceania that I’ve previously revealed are the 15 yellow eggs. I look forward to talking about the expansion when it exists! Graphic design, production, and freight shipping take a long time. Please consider allowing the app to traverse borders to Canada so we can play virtually. I think my favorite addition to the bonus cards is Elizabeth’s “ascending/descending” system. This means 5 players total up to 130 turns to complete the game (5 x 26 = 130). Yesterday some hawk-eyed Wingspanners noticed that the Kakapo’s wingspan is an asterisk (*) instead of a number.

:), “Cockatoos: WHEN ACTIVATED: Tuck 1 [card] from your hand behind this bird. They then proceed to make the non-printed components, followed by the printed components. If you do, all players (including you) gain 1 [FOOD TYPE] from the supply.”. We have their current tokens now and can’t imagine playing with original ones anymore. Are there any plans for more premium food tokens or bird tower? Suggestion for the Oceania expansion…

Overall, there are a LOT more icons on this player mat than the original. However, nectar is wild, so you’re welcome to spend nectar to play hummingbirds when you’re using the Oceania expansion. Not really happy about the new player mats to be honest. Lot’s of fans sleeves the cards and with this expansion the sleeved cards won’t fit in the two card trays. Or in a game with 6+ players you could randomly pass out the boards with some getting the original board and some the new boards.

I’d like to see either an interesting card hand holder or a tray/lazy susan for the resources.

So you will now can draw randomly goal tiles from the bag. Marc: Here’s my extended answer in the above FAQ: I played only with the European expansion when we first got it and found it not really playable on its own. If a bird is found anywhere in Oceania, the entirety of Oceania is highlighted. :). Nectar turned out to be a challenge, actually. I’m thinking about the humming bird which has a power to take a food cube, which could possibly be nectar.

There’s plenty of sun for photosynthesis, but the region has poor soils that don’t give plants the nutrients they need to turn their photosynthesized sugars into new tissue. Of course. really!!

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