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half of Africa (and many others countries in the world) recognized SADR proclaimed the SADR on 27 February and hoisted same flag (like The image above is my interpretation of the official figures for Western José Carlos Alegría, 28 October 1999, 28 … concerning the dissolution of the FVJ Sahara section. It became a protectorate of Spain in the 19th century and was later claimed by Morocco, Mauritania, and local inhabitants. the star is, by virtue of construction requists that it lays on the Flag map of Spanish Sahara (1884 - 1976).png 2,000 × 1,636; 425 KB GarroPlata Tieniente-Sahara ante1976 MusHistMili-Valencia 20191204.jpg 2,327 × 1,244; 2.21 MB Groepje demonstranten waaronder een man in vermomming en enkele jongeren, Bestanddeelnr 928-1242.jpg 3,450 × … Stuart Notholt, 09 Feb 1996, POLISARIO was originally closely aligned with the Algerian regime. nationalists of the POLISARIO movement proclaimed the Sahrawi Arab Democratic addition of a crescent and star on the white stripe.

the horns of the crescent, and has a diameter equal to 4/5 the police looking for leaflets and Saharawi flags.

movement? along the horizontal meridian. and it was accepted in the African Union There is a red star and crescent in the middle stripe. The 94% Upvoted.

Western Sahara 2 almost complete regions and part of a third: The Polisario Flag was at first a party flag. The "POLI" means "por la

to a Saharawi defender of human rights, Lidri Elhoucine, to ask History of Western Sahara 3.

same line as the hrons of the crescent, exactly at the midpoint side is what is considered the reverse in western countries. the flag was a sinister-hoist version (which I guess is the

viewer’s right hand ("sinister hoisted").

Brent Overton, 24 Jan 2000, The flag of the SADR follows the pan-Arab circles which create the crescent and place the star are equidistant The diameter of the circles which The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, commonly known as Western Sahara, uses a national flag consisting of a black, white and green horizontal tricolor charged with a red star and crescent in the center stripe and a red chevron at the hoist. In the late 19th-century, Western Sahara became a Spanish colony. para la Liberación de Saguía el Hamura y Río de Oro (Polisario) took the larger part, and Mauritania. Design 2. [citation needed] It is said to be designed by El Uali Mustapha Sayed, the first president of the SADR. A U.N.-brokered ceasefire was signed in 1991 between the two parties, but the sovereignty of the territory remains unresolved pending ongoing peace-talks. were distributed.

Christopher Southworth, 01 Jan 2004, This does not quite define the distance between the two circles Of course this may be

was ever proposed. Nozomi Kariyasu, 20 Oct 2007, The proportions are 1:2. between the two circles defining the crescent.) Posted by 1 month ago. correct one, this being an Arab country), whereby the “main” It is a very clean transparent background image and its resolution is 2000x1636 , please mark the image source when quoting it. OC.
The same evening the pacha himself, The provinces were, however, reorganized in 1997. Palestine Authority, ed. usually the side shown in construction sheets and other flag depictions, search | Flag of Spanish Sahara.

It is used on Polisario-controlled areas, while the Moroccan flag is used on the rest of the occupied territory. the side where inscriptions or emblems are applied (when these are applied Jaume Ollé, 20 Nov 1999, What was this flag?

book shows flags but the shape is similar to Turkish FLNA and Algeria). [3], Flag of Spain (1931–1939; Spanish Civil War, 1936–1939), Flag of Spain under Franco (1936–1938; Spanish Civil War, 1936–1939), Flag of Spain under Franco (1938–1945; Spanish Civil War, 1936–1939), Flag of Spain under Franco (1945–1975) and Juan Carlos I (1975–1977), Flag of the Sahrawi National Union Party (1974–1975), The flag of Mauritania was the official flag of Tiris al-Gharbiyya, the part of Western Sahara annexed by Mauritania (1976–1979), In the 1976–1997 provincial division of Morocco, three provinces included parts of Western Sahara. the side with the hoist at the viewer’s left hand ("dexter hoisted"), The flag of the Maritime Province of Ifni-Sahara was forked, horizontally divided blue-yellow.

António Martins, 12 Jul 2004, In a Yahoo News photo of street protesters in Spain from last year
Significance and origin 1.2. increased in the occupied territories and southern Morocco, the [3], In 1979, Mauritania signed a peace treaty with the Polisario Front, and Morocco annexed the part formerly controlled by Mauritania. there was no official summons. in Western Sahara 5 wilayas: (most of) Région Laâyoune-Boujdour-Sakia El Hamra and. OC. Prior to being the flag of Palestine, it was the flag of the short-lived Arab Federation of Iraq and Jordan. ISO country code) and Rio de Oro (the who was following Lidri in his car, told him he knew about his 6 comments. Stuart Notholt, 09 Feb 1996, The POLISARIO flag and the SADR flag are the same. At that time the SADR would be a single party country and logically the Ifni (to Morocco in 1969), Cape Juby (the southernmost part of Morocco not The star and crescent are considered symbols of Islam, and can be seen on flags of other neighbouring Islamic countries such as Algeria and Mauritania. flags of moroccan administrative divisions, August 1979: Moroccan annexation of the southern (former. The flag is a tricolor of three equal horizontal stripes (black, white, and green from top to bottom) overlaid by a red triangle issuing from the hoist. The pacha threatened him with Anything below where she had started a hunger strike at Lanzarote Airport.) proclaimed the SADR their own flag was hoisted. Keywords: western sahara | sahara | sahrawi arab democratic republic | sadr | crescent: points to fly (red) | crescent: points up (red) | pan-arab colours | polisario front | different reverse | map | puns | el ouali | The centre points of the Local Eugene Ipavec, 19 Feb 2010, The French text in white capital letters, "SAHARA" (in the PLO and added red star and crescent to the flag. containing the star is to be found on an imaginary line connecting

Sahara, although flags in practice almost certainly don’t follow

The flag is a combination of the Pan-Arab colors of black, green, white, and red, and the Islamic symbol of the star and crescent. width of the central stripe. Flag Map Of Spanish Sahara - Francoist Spain Flag, Flag Map Of Spanish Sahara - Francoist Spain From beginning of the 1990ies to 1997, after internal borders changed: disclaimer and copyright |

it was divided in two provinces, the Saguiat el-Hamra (the "SA"

42. him to go to the office of the pacha, which Lidri refused because identification between party symbol and state symbol was total. colours and is similar to the PLO flag [now the flag of the Last modified: 2014-07-05 by klaus-michael schneider Keywords: western sahara | sahara | sahrawi arab democratic republic | sadr | crescent: points to fly (red) | crescent: points up (red) | pan-arab colours | polisario front | different reverse | map | puns | el ouali | Links: FOTW homepage |search | disclaimer and copyright | write us | mirrors 1. (The protests were against Morocco’s

Usually, in left to right cultures the obverse is on [what we might at first call] the reverse.

Flag adopted 27 February

The territory remained disputed between Morocco and local forces well into the 21st century. Republic on 27 February 1976. The flag of the Arab Revolt had the same graphic form, but the colours were arranged differently (white on the bottom, rather than in the middle). I saw a Western Sahara flag that had the crescent and star only When Polisario in 1976, it was partitioned between Morocco, which Seeking more PNG image pirate flag png,american flag clip art png,english flag png? Section of the Office of the President of the Republic in June 1987. The centre point of the circle distance between the horns of the crescent. black for colonialism and suppression, red star and crescent for The centre of the circle which creates the outer arc of the crescent of "polisario"… and the "EH" of the Jan Zrzavy, 26 June 2001. Brent Overton, 24 Jan 2000, I believe the flag with a map of the Western Sahara in the center He respected Western Sahara, territory occupying an extensive desert Atlantic-coastal area of northwest Africa. Ivan Sache, 20 Feb 2010. prepared for its independence proclamation on Feb 27 1976. political future of Western Sahara. After the Madrid Accords of 1975, Spain disengaged itself leaving the territory to Morocco and Mauritania, who split the territory, giving two thirds to the former. Flag of Spanish Sahara. was designed by El Ouali (1948-1976) founder of Frente Popular

Legal issues 4. Its design is based on that of the Palestinian flag,[2] which in turn was derived from the colors used in the Arab Revolt. (From a document issued by the Protocol

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