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It's an interesting choice, to film this from a Western perspective. Cast. I didn't line the colours of the movie letting every scene appear like it takes place on a desert planet. Just because a movie has impactful source material doesn't make it a good film. I don't agree with the criticism that this is an African story told by white Europeans, because - in contrast to films like Mississippi Burning or Wind River - this is not a story of simply presenting white people of the saviours of a minority, it is rather one of many stories that occurred during the Rwandan genocide and this one happens to feature white people.

You wouldn’t say, but this is one of the most politically charged movie titles of the past years. IMDb

Man hat eh keine gute Laune bei diesem Film sondern starrt mehr mit gebanntem Entsetzen und purer Fassungslosigkeit auf das präsentierte Horrorszenario desten größer Grusel darin….
58-92…, Lista de filmes, em ordem cronológica, sobre fatos da História Geral, da Pré-História aos dias de hoje. Both roles are very well cast. From spine-chilling favorites to creepy originals, there's a selection of horror, thriller and comedy films to satisfy your appetite. His movie is extremely touching, gripping and confronting. This review may contain spoilers. I think I would have preferred Marie to have been the main focus of the story, rather than the priests. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. One thing is sure: director Michael Caton-Jones has balls. Having two white males as the centre of the film took away the focus from the central theme of the film - the Rawandan genocide. John Hurt Hugh Dancy Dominique Horwitz Nicola Walker David Gyasi Steve Toussaint Clare-Hope Ashitey Susan Nalwoga Victor Power Victor Power Musa Kasonka Jr. Kizito Ssentamu Kayiira, David M. Thompson Pippa Cross Jens Meurer Richard Alwyn David Belton Paul Trijbits Ruth Caleb, Dagmar Wessel Thomas Cinamula Eddy Munyabarenzi Hassan Munyemana, CrossDay Productions BBC Films Egoli Tossell Film Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen Invicta Capital UK Film Council ZDF ARTE, Tiros em Ruanda, 猎犬, Beyond The Gates, Beyond the Gates, Strzelajac do psów, 115 mins   This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. TMDb He filmed on location and had some local people on his crew. I think the original title is much better than the U.S. title and I agree with the following quote from Dean Kish’s review…. New movies in theaters - 2 Hearts, I Am Greta and more! This movie was tough to sit through.I like to see John Hurt once in a while in movies. I'm not saying the characters shouldn't have been included, but their story could have been achieved as supporting…, inherently ... problematic for its choice to center its depiction of the events through the eyes of two white Englishmen... (which also leads to a questionable conclusion...). Warum wurde dieser Film für den Deutschen Markt nicht synchronisiert? The UN and their Belgian posse come across extremely bad in this. Objectively saving lifes cant be in the hands of bureaucracy, that shit (UNO) takes too long. Because shooting dogs was the only thing the soldiers were allowed to do in Rwanda, where the war between the Hutu’s and Tutsi’s is getting out of hand. Hugh Dancy shows that he is worth…, "I remember Father Christopher saying: "Sacrifice is the most you can love someone.". One thing is sure: director Michael Caton-Jones has balls. John Hurt is superb and some of the scenes of killing is disturbing. This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb. A film about genocide in Rwanda was never going to be an easy watch but it is a good film if not overly cinematic. The only other film I have seen about the Rwandan genocide is Hotel Rwanda but I think Shooting Dogs is more realistic as it was actually shot at the school where the killings happened and it also had survivors of the genocide working on the film. Let me start by saying that I do not understand why the title was changed to "Beyond the Gates" in the United States. .
Director Dawn Porter & producer Erika Alexander discuss 'John Lewis: Good Trouble' 2005 Check out the latest photos and bios of the cast and filmmakers of Shooting Dogs. I don't know if it's possible to have a moral judgment on the way this film is shot, from the perspective of young and old white people. Web Links; Official site. bur still teaches u about the story and actually hired survivers and victims of the tragedy and got help by them to tell the story which is great. putting that aside - if that's possible - it's a very harrowing watch, even while it (thankfully) veers from leaning into the graphic nature of the events. Whose fault it is and how it came to this is a matter of Ruandas problematic history of colonization. The decision to show us the entirety of the film through the eyes of Westerners was a huge mistake in my opinion, and it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. This movie seems to perform a nice meta commentary asking the question if a movie needs white characters for white people to watch it. I wonder, are what we seeing here Western actions or inactions or just, to use the now famous words of the UN lady, gestures meaning nothing even when they are combined? right?! This is a very powerful film. The Internet Movie Database That is how much film affected and shocked me, not just of the brutality of the genocide but how the rest of the world looked away. a thing, that films like The Last King of Scotland or Blood Diamond were not able to generate. When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the... "What would you risk to make a difference? Two westerners, a priest and a teacher find themselves in the middle of the Rwandan genocide and face a moral dilemna.

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