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If they'd been hurt or humiliated, they then, in turn, will hurt and humiliate somebody else. You're going to say, `Well, I'm going to get some of that power and I'm going to do it myself.'. All rights reserved. He initially had some problems with his grades when he changed schools, and the reason why he had problems are interesting. You show young boys, for example, talking about what a man is. So you traveled extensively across the country to meet with boys, teachers and parents to explore the emotional life of boys across America, from the suburbs to inner cities. Thompson is the author of the book Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boys and you can pickup Dr. Thompson’s book at amazon.com or any other major book-seller. Dr. Thompson, thanks for coming on. He's in the sixth grade. RAISING CAIN, hosted by child psychologist Michael Thompson, Ph.D., explores the emotional development of boys in America today. This two-hour documentary provides surprising new research about boys inner workings, dispelling a number of commonly held misconceptions, and highlights innovative programs that are bringing out the best in boys.In Raising Cain, the two-hour documentary based on the book by the same title, Dr. Michael Thompson discusses how the educational system and today's cultural circumstances are not equipping America's boys with the right tools to development emotionally. And, you know, they're just little guys. He is 13 years old, overweight, doesn't play sports, considers himself strange, not a regular guy. CHIDEYA: You also show that he was someone who turned from being bullied to bullying another child. Voila! Unidentified Man: Yeah. CHIDEYA: In Mike's case, bullying from other boys took an emotional toll. Unidentified Man: You guys know what pass walking is? Create an account and get 24 hours access for free. CHIDEYA: What would you like to see change in our culture? Why don't boys go out for extracurriculars, other than athletics, in the way that they used to? A new riveting documentary, airing Thursday night on PBS, demystifies conventional wisdom about the emotional welfare of boys in America. Raising Cain is a 2-hour PBS documentary that explores the emotional development of boys in America today. Dr. THOMPSON: Do you think there is such a thing as a boy who isn't hurt by that kind of stuff? Dr. THOMPSON: And their faces are so angelic and they're saying, `You can kick butt and you can hurt somebody.' NPR's Farai Chideya talks to famed child psychologist ... Raising Cain Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or ... RAISING CAIN: Exploring the Inner Lives of America's Boys ... Raising Cain (Video) - Michael Thompson, Ph.D. Raising Cain | Alexander Street, a ProQuest Company, Raising Cain by Rachel Carlson - Online Presentation Tools, Documentary Examines Misconceptions About American Boys : NPR, raising cain documentary transcript online free, raising cain documentary transcript online request, raising cain documentary transcript online download, raising cain documentary transcript online payment. Raising Cain. But first, let's listen to what Rubin and his adoptive grandmother say in the film. He's a handsome guy, and he thought, `Well, I'll become a player. Get him to an all-boys' school where all the boys want to do well.'. Dr. MICHAEL THOMPSON (Child Psychologist; Host, "Raising Cain"): Well, you know, people are a little jumpy about raising boys in America. He's written a book of the same name and he joined us from member station WBUR in Boston. Some boys are more hard-charging than others, but there's a vast variety of boys, and we tend--our notion of masculinity in this country tends to highlight only one kind of boy. Plot. CHIDEYA: Child psychologist Michael Thompson is the host of "Raising Cain." NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc., an NPR contractor, and produced using a proprietary transcription process developed with NPR. The authoritative record of NPR’s programming is the audio record. His candid interviews reveal the many challenges and confusion all boys encounter while growing up in America. Do intellectual gifts, such as those possessed by Rubin, tend to be feminized? I'm going to forget this good grades stuff,' and that's the fate of many boys who could be good in school but they trade that in to be cool and be a player. Boys in the inner city or boys from families who have been hit around or they've seen their fathers hit their mothers, when boys are hurt and humiliated and afraid, what are you going to do? The lack of positive \"father figures\" in most American homes, the removal of physical education and recess in schools, a school system geared more toward girls' educational development, and the emotional confusion many boys face when growing up with without any adult male guidance are all contributing factors to American boys' decline in classroom performance, rise in violent outbreaks, and inability to communicate inner feelings. RUBIN: I felt really, really, really, really, really, I mean, you know, bad. --Rob Bracco Dr. THOMPSON: And that's what football is about. To get to the heart of the issue, Dr. Thompson proposes that by understanding the psychology of boys, we can help get them on track.

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