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from level 94 to 95 is floor(94/5)+3=21 status points gained).

Raising a stat from 100 to 130 is possible for 3rd class only and cost more stat points. There are chance of 80 + AttackerHit - DefenderFlee percentage to make a hit. Avise-me sobre novas publicações por email. It's listed as A + B in th stat window, where A is Status MATK, and B is the MATK gained from your weapon, weapon refinement upgrades, equipment and buffs.

@changesex - change your gender to the opposite sex. Attack: Your physical-oriented attack rating for both ranged and melee weapons. The calculation to see actual HP increased with every 1 VIT is: The calculation to see actual HP regenerated naturally with every 5 VIT is: The calculation to see actual HP healed by healing item: Slightly decrease casting time (about half the effectiveness of DEX), 120 INT or higher: additional +4 (going from 119 to 120 INT gives +5 regeneration), Increased damage of bows, guns, whip and instrument attacks, +1 status attack damage, +0.5% weapon attack, Critical Rate (enhanced damage, non-evadable attack) +0.3%, The calculation to see actual CRIT rate: CRIT = [LUK * 0.3] + 1, statusMDEF = [Int + Vit/5 + Dex/5 + BLv/4], Damage MDEF = [BaseDamage * (1000 + HardMDef) / (1000 + HardMDef * 10)] - StatusMDEF. The following are the GM Commands which can be used in-game on an eAthena server. The MATK as whole is affected by Element. Usage: @gsacl Example: @gsacl 1 on (this will allow the use of guild storage to guild's Rank 1). Vous pouvez régler son level avec la molette. It is how much mental points the character has for performing skills.

Strength: This stat affects the "melee" physical power of the character, allowing it to deal damage even if no weapons are equipped if a sufficient amount of STR is invested.

Hit Rate: Your accuracy rating, which is calculated by 175 + DEX + floor(LUK/3) + base Lv + any other bonuses.

If the player has an ATK of 0, the following would apply. Additionally, all skills have an Attack Range too. Critical hit can proc physical autocasts (such as CD in Mouth), so 100+ crit for autocast builds like SC/Sorc is a viable way to make up for a low DEX build.

Remember there is a chance of failure in each attempt, in which case your armor will be destroyed. The "status crit" is calculated by dividing current LUK by 3 and adding the CRIT bonuses from equips/cards.

@petrename = Muda o Nome do Pet @kill = Mata o Char Discrito.

Ragnarok Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. The real CRIT rate is a little different. This command must be used directly after a search, if you type something else inbetween it will not work. The item-based DEF rate cuts damage by %, whereas VIT-based DEF rate is pure reduction with that number. Can only be used in "@go market" @autotrade/@at: Use this command after using the Merchant class skill Vending to leave your vendor online.

Every 100 of Max SP provides 1 more SP regenerated during natural SP Recovery.

The Status Window does not show the total MATK used for the damage calculation.

The ATK stat is increased by 1 for each 3 LUK. A character's stats can be reset in a few ways: Base stats mean the stats alone without the bonus part (which is indicated by +X part in the Status Window). @battlestats:Gives detailed information about your current battle statistics including Cast Time Reductions, Damage Reductions, and ATK Bonuses. Offensive Skills do not take CRIT into account except for a few exceptions like Sharp Shooting.

( Sair /  On the main window focus window it has some options. Base stats mean the stats alone without the bonus part (which is indicated by +X part in your status window). Magic Attack: Your magical-oriented attack rating.

This page was last edited on 20 July 2020, at 16:44. https://irowiki.org/w/index.php?title=Stats&oldid=62891, GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 or later, The chance to land a hit is calculated as, When dealing with the monsters, the chance is calculated as. The zeny required is non-refundable even if the attempt fails. Each + on an upgraded item is shown in the status window as 1 item-based DEF, however damage is calculated with each + providing only 70% of 1 DEF (so 0.7 DEF). Many stats affect the resistance of certain Status Effects, and even immunity to the effect can be achieved. Bows get a range of 5 (Initially) and some special weapons have longer range (Such as the Long Mace). Règle le volume de la musique, remplacez # par la valeur sachant que l'intervalle de volume va de 0 à 127, Permet de faire un échange avec un autre personnage si celui-ci se trouve à proximité. Every 200 of Max HP provides 1 more HP regenerated during natural HP Recovery. ( Sair /  Les commandes doivent se tapper dans la fenêtre de chat et permettent de réaliser de nombreux effets. This value is not shown on Status Window. Stats are the six fundamental character statistics that make (or break) a character. Stat points are gained with base level increases, the amount increasing with higher levels. Third job characters can increase stats up to 130 (up to 117 on baby classes). Commande: Description /automsg ou /am: Permet de choisir un message contenant jusqu'à 50 caractères qui sera envoyé à chaque personne vous parlant en privé /agi+ # Augmente votre AGI selon le chiffre précisé à la place de #, bien sûr il faut disposer d'assez de points ! @alive - Revives yourself from death. The weight limit is how much a character can carry. It is listed as A + B in the Status Window, where A represents the Status MATK and B represents the Weapon MATK (equipped weapon and its refinement rate) and Equip MATK (equipment and buffs). @zeny = Te dá a quantidade que quiser de Zeny. –, @whomap [map] = Diz Quem Está Online no Server e no Map Digitado em [map]. Hard DEF cuts damage relatively, whereas Soft DEF is an absolute reduction with that number. The LUK stat affects the Perfect Dodge value of a character directly. @charstreset = Reseta os Stats do Char. Critical Hit Rate is doubled when wielding a Katar type weapon (not shown on Status Window). Tip: use the “arrow up” to cycle through all the commands you have type in this session to save typing them again. If there are two armors of the same kind in your inventory, the enchantment will be applied in the order they are placed in your inventory.

For most weapons, the attack range is 3. Permet de lancer les skills en F7 et F8. Third Class job characters can increase stats up to 120. This is indicated by the green "progress bar" above the character's head.

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