planning a trip to madagascar

Hi Filip, I went during the end of September and the weather was as you’d expect from a tropical destination during the dry season. I keep hearing about the “malagasy stomach” and have been advised to be careful of what we eat. Will it be a problem? It is my first time travelling abroad by myself and was wondering whether you had any general tips; e.g. Traveling during COVID was quite …, The Perfect Travel Itinerary For Madagascar,,, Aperitivo game must be strong in Italia. Plan your trip to Madagascar according to your style, preferences, and budget. I wouldn’t recommend trying to get around with the taxi brousse system. Also did you travel and find places to stay along the way or did you book in advance to stay? The Ultimate Two Week Travel Itinerary For Turkey, The Perfect One Week, Two Week, and Three Week Travel Itinerary For South Africa, Travel Itineraries, Travels within South Africa, The Perfect Cyclades Greek Island Hopping Itinerary, 10 Last-Minute Weekend Getaway Essentials, The Ultimate Guide To Island Hopping The Cyclades In Greece, Cost of Living In Johannesburg, South Africa, The Perfect One Day Itinerary For Cape Town’s Wine Region, Cost of Living in Cape Town, South Africa, Everything You Need to Know About African Safari. This include: – Nosy be (1-3) – Diego Suarez (4-6) – Morondova and Tsingy (7-13) – Isalo (14-16) – Ranomafana (17-18) – Andasibe (19-20) – Ile Nattes (21-26) – Tana (27-28), However, when reading your itinerary one thing would be nice to know for all of it to add up. Visit Andasibe National Park which is nearby to Antananarivo. This is the most visited park in all of Madagascar, likely because of its proximity to the capital (3-4 hours drive). Here we have used your itinerary as the main inspiration. I really would like to dive, I have never done it before so wandered if there was a place to learn at Ile Sainte Marie as this is the place I have been more geared towards. Enjoy hte trip! I think if your niece is in the peace corp, she’ll have a good understanding of the country and know someone that can help her book her accoms. I would definitely not recommend taxi brousses if you only have 12 days! All Rights Reserved. Hi again! If you go with a large tour group, your package will come with a handful of guided walks. If you’ve got an extended period of time, you can be less planned and save money by finding guides in-country and going with the flow. The last leg of our trip was beach time! If you’re not going to tsingy, then it is just in and out of morondava to see the baobabs. Are you planning to travel to Madagascar? Your travel journeys are so amazing. I want to get a car and driver to do most of the trip, but then ditch him once we get to Andasibes since we will be there for 3 nights. Thanks Giovanni! We had a flight the next day so this wasn’t an option. A bit early in the trip for potentially shady practices, but what the hell? I was wondering if it would be possible to travel between say, Antananarivo and Ile Sainte Marie (or Tsingy stone forest or avenue of the baobabs, etc.) Still, Madagascar is a tough nut to crack at first with the planning! Only the gas isn’t included? Nowadays, they have the cotisse bus which is a more high end bus service from Tana to Toamasina so you can arrange that eawsily on the way back from ISM. Day 1: Land in Tana, drive to Antsirabe Day 2: Drive to Morondava Day 3: Drive to Tsingy Stone Forest Day 4: Hike Grand Tsingy Day 5: Hike Petite Tsingy Day 6: Drive back to Morondava, stop at the Avenue of the Baobabs Day 7: Relax in Morondava Day 8: Drive to Antsirabe Day 9: Drive to Ranomafana National Park Day 10: Hike Ranomafana Day 11: Ranomafana to Isalo National Park Day 12: Hike Isalo Day 13: Hike Isalo Day 14: Isalo to Andasibe National Park Day 15: Hike Andasibe National Park Day 16: Hike Andasibe National Park Day 17: Andasibe to Mahambo Day 18: Mahambo to Ile Sainte Marie Day 19: Ile Sainte Marie / Ile Aux Nattes Day 20: Ile Sainte Marie / Ile Aux Nattes Day 21: Ile Sainte Marie / Ile Aux Nattes Day 22: Ile Sainte Marie / Ile Aux Nattes Day 23: Ile Sainte Marie / Ile Aux Nattes Day 24: Ile Sainte Marie to Antananarivo Day 25: Antananrivo Day 26: Fly out. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. The agency was created in 2013 to make you discover the beauty and the reality of Madagascar, an exotic and rarely visited destination. I’ll send an email to the GMT+3 and see what I can get set up! No matter how you get to a national park (whether you’re on a tour or not), you’re going to need a guide for all of your hikes in the parks. Yes Madagascar is a very affordable destination. I paid Serge upfront. Roads and general infrastructure here is some of the worst in the world. Although linguistic diversity, Malagasy people understand each other. So for what I understand it seems like you took a normal taxi brousse and not a cotisse? You can read about it Here. Previous studies show that one-third of Malagasy’s genetic ancestors came from South-East Asia. The best way to know it is just to listen to the guide consign. You’ll need to get to Toamasina where there is a shuttle to the ferry station in Soanierana-Ivongo. Thanks for your reply! #ecotour #madagascar #lemur #travel #adventuretravel #wildlife #eco #ecotravel #destinations. Nowadays, I would just reserve a cotisse beforehand and they run multiple times a day between the two cities. This is really a wonderful site. So with the ferry from Ile Sainte Marie to Soanierana Ivongo, it includes a taxi brousse style transfer to Toamasina. I really like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you’re stating and the way in which in which you assert it. The central Highlands are cold, the north is hot and humid, the south is arid and the East climate is wetter. There is just so much to see and so much geological diversity that you could spend months traveling the country. When building a trip itinerary, be sure you listen to your Malagasy travel agent. “Where does the driver stay?? It even followed us into our bungalow where we tried (unsuccessfully) to kick it out. you want to see. Moreover, there are fewer tourists in that period. But, I love the blog on Madagascar. From Tamatave, we charted an entire Taxi-Brousse, the local form of transportation as we didn’t want to wait for it to fill up. One thing to note, from the tsingy and morondava to isalo will take you 2 days of driving so you’ll want to account for that. We spent two nights in Ranomafana and spent a whole day hiking through the park. Available on Amazon. The benefits of using a good international tour operator (make sure they specialise in Madagascar rather than just have a couple of trips) is that they can ensure you get the best out of your time in Madagascar, ensuring days aren’t wasted. Day 9 was another all day drive. My question is, the price you paid (40eur/day) includes also accommodations and food for the driver? (Just remember, “mora mora.”). He didn’t speak much English when I had him 3 years ago but I can speak enoguh French to converse with him. About the driver, as we also plan to contact GMT+3, is the food and accommodation included in the price? The drive took the whole day, but not without beautiful rice terraces and otherworldly landscapes. Also, how much should one tip a private driver? I wanted to end my trip with 5 nights in St Marie to relax and do some whale watching. They are a travel agency in Madagascar and contract out their drivers so I don’t know how much serge actually gets from that price. Find out what's true from the Madagascar movies and what's not and more about the primates of Madagascar, size and location and much more! Hi Johnny, Great reading through all your stuff on here. Yes It is rainy season right now and roads don’t usually clear up until May or June. Ah bummer! Hi Karilyn, I defintely saw many many animals as you can see in all my detailed posts of the country. But generally, I avoid “salads” and fruits without an outer layer. I didn’t go to the north coast but my driver always raved about how the beaches in Diego Suarez were his favorite. We made the full day drive and stopped at various locations like the base of the Andringitra Moutnains and the Anja Nature reserve, home to numerous ring tailed lemurs. I saw a bunch of solo female travelers along the way. Diarrhea is another health problem here. It’s not an easy place to travel through. Ugh. The fiance and I are planning a trip to Madagascar for 11 days in November. Dear Johnny, thanks for this itinerary! You'll also prepare a treat for lemurs at a reserve! Traveling To Syria: Everything You Need To Know in 2020. The next day, we drove south along the RN7, Madagascar’s main highway, to Ranomafana National Park. Its landscapes are as different as they are otherworldly, as well as its people, a curious mix of Southeast Asian and African. Lemurs and rainforests, karst landscapes and rich red soil steal the headlines and remain among tops reasons to take a trip to Madagascar. This is really helpful! They make the perfect gift for someone you love. This itinerary hopefully will help you in planning a trip to Madagascar. It seems so remote and exotic! They say “if you can’t peel it, don’t eat it”. We hiked all around the park, including the two canyons, Windows of Isalo, and Piscine Naturelle. Hello Johnny, great itinerary! Madagascar may be the definition of exotic destinations.

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