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In July 1976 Anneliese died and while many believe her death could have been the result of demonic possession, the autopsy report stated the cause of death was malnutrition and dehydration. The 2005 movie, 'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose', is based on a real-life demonic possession of Anneliese Michel that occurred in the 1970s. By continuing to browse you are agreeing to the use of these cookies. The video streaming platform has hours worth of ghostly content, including documentaries about real haunting cases, paranormal television series, and the latest supernatural movies. If you're a fan of ghost hunting shows and scary movies, but are looking for something new, then Netflix could be the place for you. The content listed below can be found on Netflix in the UK at the time this list was published... Sign up to the Higgypop newsletter to find out about new videos and exclusive content first. Once you're tired of binge watching history shows on Netflix, turn to this horror documentary describing the disappearance of a cattle rancher's 10-year-old son. Each witness tells their story of the horrifying, peculiar, extraordinary supernatural events and other unexplained phenomena that continue to haunt them. Netflix is the perfect place to binge watch shows like '. We are 100% certain that ghosts exist. Unfortunately, this list of the scariest paranormal movies on Netflix will only keep you up all night. Netflix has numerous paranormal horror movies available to watch, including genre classics like "The Ring" and newer indie thrillers like "The Witch." The quirky parapsychologists have split and nothing's working out. The show features dramatised re-creations of the cases, which fans of the paranormal may find entertaining, but the show has been criticised by skeptics who claim that there is little evidence to support the stories told in the show. Oftentimes, you can find a great .css-1psntrz{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}.css-1psntrz:hover{-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;}underrated horror movie on Netflix, but they might get lost within the myriad of provided genres. The series is based on Shirley Jackson's 1959 book of the same name. No explanation need on this one - a paranormal classic that's always worth a re-watch, although sadly the first movie isn't available on Netflix. Even if you’re the type who will never admit belief, we think you’ll at least find these tales entertaining. But if you’re on the fence and need more convincing that the paranormal realm is very real, then these ghost-filled Netflix shows and movies might just push you into being a believer. Whether you’ve experienced a ghost sighting before or have yet to interact with those beyond the grave, we hope these films validate your experience or open your mind. With evil spirits on the loose, who ya gonna call? The movie starts out like a really stereotypical lost teen gory horror, but before long the true nature of the movie is revealed and you'll never guess what it is. A mother and her son attempt to cope in the wake of a war torn Tehran, yet an evil force decides otherwise. As one of the scariest movies on Netflix, this one proves to elaborate more on the classic haunted house archetype, adding its own form of dread and thrilling escapism, plus a bunch of jump scares that'll keep your heart racing until the credits roll. Frustrated with what they see as mainstream scientific dogma, they decide to prove, once and for all, at a flat earth conference, that the earth is flat, using their on scientific experiments. 'Sirius' was one of the most successful crowdfunded documentaries ever, based upon the work of ufologist Steven M. Greer. One of the scariest paranormal movies on Netflix is actually one of Stephen King's lesser known works, Gerald's Game. Have You Spotted All The Hidden Ghosts In Bly Manor? When a beloved classic film is adapdated for TV, the first question is 'why? One of the scariest paranormal movies on Netflix is actually one of Stephen King's lesser known works, Gerald's Game. Despite that, the first Paranormal Activity is still an awesome watch. If you've ever had any interest in UFOs, conspiracies and government coverups, then you'll almost certainly know the name Bob Lazar and you'll probably remember the 1996 documentary 'Dreamland: Area 51'. The movie plays on many common paranormal tropes, which will add to the enjoyment for any ghost hunter, and features amusing elements of the occult and witchcraft. 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' is a reboot of the kids TV show 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' but aimed at the same audience, who are now grown up, making for a much darker show. It starts out soft at first, but soon it builds and you can clearly hear a baby’s cry. You are definitely looking at a vacation, and it seems that the planning is getting away from you a little bit. I walk around my gloomy house feeling the shiver of a cold spirit following my every turn. Terms Of Use • Privacy Policy • About Us ️‍. A mixed bag of unsolved mysteries, Portal to the Unknown explores haunts, UFO sightings, strange vanishings, and of course, cases of demonic possession. Stranger Things follows the story of a group of friends from Hawkins as they uncover the weird goings on in their town. Since season one was released in 2016, fans have binge watched back-to-back episodes of the show which has been described as a cross between 'The Goonies' and 'Stand By Me'. America might have its fair share of ghosts, but our spirits are no match for the numerous haunts in Great Britain. If you loved the original Exorcist, then The Rite is right up your alley as one of the scariest paranormal movies on Netflix, because it adapts the way an exorcism horror plays out. .css-d8ali9-Footer{padding:1em;}.css-1bjgiud-SiteLink-Footer{color:#1A1A1A;padding:1em;}ExploreContactPrivacy PolicyTerms of UseSupport. This show covers a wide variety of different strange phenomena and unsolved happenings. Along the way she is witness to a few unauthorized exorcisms, all of which seemingly point her closer to the truth. Though it may not be based on any famous ghosts with horrific origin stories, The Awakening explains Florence Cathcart's investigation of a boarding school in 1921 England. Despite that, the first Paranormal Activity is still an awesome watch. Only together can they escape. The truth is out there, people. If you haven't seen it yet, don't miss Mike Flanagan's creepy ten-part series, a truly terrifying watch. Although admittedly, this 2014 movie isn't the best paranormal movie amongst Netflix's offerings. Are Scientists Really Using The LHC To Contact A Parallel Universe? Based in 'The Conjuring' universe, the latest movie is the second spin-off to feature the terrifying cursed doll that was at the centre of one of Ed and Lorraine Warrens real-life cases. 'Insidious: Chapter 3' is a prequel which focuses on Elise as she attempts to help a young girl who calls out to the dead, and the fourth film, 'Insidious: Last Key', takes place after the events of the third and tells the story of Elise's own family becoming the victims of a demonic haunting. Not paranormal as such, but this Netflix original documentary delves into weird belief systems, conspiracies and coverups. A cult classic in the annals of horror, The Wailing is a wild ride of terrifying mystery. An 80s ghostly classic supernatural comedy. All Rights Reserved. If you like your paranormal movies pumped full of ectoplasm, then this Irish supernatural comedy is for you. As I enter the hallway to my room, I quicken my steps in order to hopefully lose the ghost I seem to have present, or in my mind. Unbeknown to his parents, the boy has become a vessel which spirits from an astral plane can use to enter our world. For any horror fan who likes documentaries and scary movies, this one's a must see. It follows a group of bullied kids in the small Maine town of Derry, who band together to destroy Pennywise. You don’t have to tell us twice. Does The Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet Really Bring Wealth? One investigator must solve the case, or he might never be reunited with his daughter again. This website uses cookies. Top 10 presents some of the best-known haunts without trying to give conclusive explanation, because some paranormal activity simply cannot be debunked. Bridges are an ominous, especially at night. The Devil Inside introduces us to Isabella, a woman in search of her mother's experiences in Italy.

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