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One lone success over Rangers in the cup tie of that year had begotten unheard-of ideas of their own ability in football. We merely mention that two out of the trio were Dumbarton men, and the decision went against the Rangers. How will it deal with credit card payments? But what matters it? Rangers find themselves in a position almost identical to all clubs who suffer an insolvency event. The Dumbarton failed to score. Jim Traynor? Somehow we suspect that they regarded the sacred day with as much impatience as the average Waltonian forced to remark almost every Monday morning to his companion of the line, “Man, thae Sundays are aye the gran’ days for fishing.” But with or without Sunday practice, two months hard pursuit of the ball had imparted some confidence. On the security itself, which organisation will actually be assigned the security? This in turn has created a siege mentality amongst ordinary, law-abiding Millwall fans. Despite a relatively fresh board with most, if not all, of the problem personalities removed, the same anti-Board stance is still apparent. The chant reached a worldwide audience when Millwall reached the FA Cup Final in 2004. The Clydesdale next smiled upon “Our Boys,” and the brilliant team who tied three times with the Queen’s for the cup had also to be content with a like result. In our preface we took occasion to say that from the position then achieved there had been no backsliding. Graham Wallace, in my opinion, used language at the AGM which could be deemed misleading. It’s a harsh realisation, but one I think most of us seem to ignore. I don’t believe the season ticket trust will work, because I believe the premise is flawed. For the arrival of the second Dumbarton at Kinning Park, when the first was expected was truly the greatest surprise ever the Rangers experienced at football. Lots of the criticisms were valid, some weren’t, but the same demands must be placed upon all parties. In their early years the Queen’s Park had hurt their feelings a little by offering to play them with the second eleven. In holding this very decided opinion they do not asperse the honesty of purpose of either umpire or referee. As a Rangers fan, I find it absolutely abhorrent that my club has done nothing to highlight these injustices. I think the aim of gaining security over Ibrox for fans is admirable. [citation needed]. We Are Rangers. I would love to see him invest and be part of taking the Club forward, but I just can’t help but find inconsistencies from him and those driving his message. [15] Non-league team Dulwich Hamlet F.C. How does it make sure the Board are thinking about more than the share price when considering company performance? [9][10][11][12] Anaheim Ducks fans have adopted the line "No one likes us, we don't care" as an informal motto, usually replacing the "D" in "don't" for the team's logo, a stylized D. After an NHL playoff series against the Winnipeg Jets, some fans in Anaheim were shown on TV holding a banner with the motto. No. Graeme Spiers? Weekend 1 – A man goes to a Scotland rugby match at Murrayfield. Peter McNeil, with characteristic self-denial, and zeal for the best interests of the Club, used to journey to the most desirable part of the Green about twelve noon, and set up the now noted standards. They could have turned up in green and white hoops yesterday and it would have felt equally foreign. Several other football clubs in the UK have a history of hooliganism, but various commentators including Danny Baker and Rod Liddle (both men are Millwall supporters) have questioned why Millwall's history have consistently been singled out to the point where the name of Millwall has become almost synonymous with hooliganism. The Rangers could no longer be ignored even by the invincibles. It’s sure to be a long and testing Summer, one which I hope we end on a stronger foot, but next season is one to look forward to; the year of the Sandy Jardine Championship – battled out, I’m sure, between his two most beloved clubs and the two clubs who hold him dearest. [1], The chant was originally sung by Millwall fans in response to the sustained criticism of their behaviour by the press and the image of many Millwall fans as hooligans, perpetuated by the media. Whilst that content is still something to be positive about, it’s disappointing that it’s been sullied slightly by this point. How does it make sure they are focused on the long-term success of the football club? At all events such manly bearing sufficed to gain the good graces of the people of Alexandria, where the event occurred. Couldn’t we have arrived at a sensible compromise by allowing drinking only in easily-policed, designated areas? The rebuttal to this point I’ve seen so far is “why wouldn’t they agree to security for fans if they’re willing to give security to a lender?”.

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