mo'nique precious monologue

So, when you sit there and you write them fuckin’ notes on your pad about who you think I am and why I did it and all of that … Because I’m in hell. You wrong to bring that bitch up in here! Paintings Of Cornwall, Leominster Usa, It's hard to believe anyone will ever forget the monologue that won Viola Davis her Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2016's Fences, for example. great actor i never seen someone play there part so well holla. So, those things that she told you I did to her? Please, I’m, I’m so sorry. [screaming at Precious to come from upstairs]  Burstyn may have lost the Oscar, but her performance will live on longer than any of the nominees from that year. Answer the fucking door! Mary (Female, Dramatic, 20s) for Women. Well, why the fuck did she ring my buzzer? Why din't you tell me that bitch was comin' so fuckin' early? PRECIOUS! 0 Comments. : Mary Everyone at the party had been so ecstatic about learning whether it’s a girl or boy, noting all of the differences in excitement a new mother would feel upon hearing the news one way or the other. You gonna send a white bitch to my motherfucking buzzer? ), Sidibe is an untrained actress but in some ways this works to the film's advantage. Posts about Mo’Nique in Precious written by matterspamer. Talkin' 'bout some higher education? My fucking wi... Mary This is a good monologue for an adult female. Feelings which she is ashamed of and horrify her but she can't seem to shake. "- Person who has seen one movie from 2013. Review. Ms Weiss: We don’t talk like this in my office, OK? Mo'Nique doesn't go in for a lot of special pleading. Mary Moving to the ventilator, she begins singing Julie Andrews’ “Favorite Things” to calm herself from one of the lowest points in her life. You brought that white bitch up in my house? Social worker here. The Ambassadors, Well, why the fuck did she ring my buzzer? … : A monologue from In the Shadow of My Son by Nadine Bernard (Female, Dramatic, 20s) Four women reveal the secrets behind this taboo side of motherhood. But, bitch, l'm gonna let you know if you ever pull that shit on me again, that will be your last motherfucking day standing, l promise you that. England Shirt, Mo'Nique — 'Precious' The tragic nature of Mary's monologue in Precious (2009) will make you want to forget it, but Mo'Nique's Oscar-winning delivery makes that impossible. I did not want him to do nothing to her. If you can make pent up frustration funny, then you have your finger on the pulse of this humorous monologue.

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