mgs3 hd unlockables

Get near The End and when he hits you, open your map from survival viewer and sneak to the red dot. Both Analog-sticks will control the rotation of the view of Snake. Groznyj Grad Torture room: Underneath the desk in the room in the northwest.

If you entered the code correctly, the sound from the classic "Konami code" from original Metal Gear on the NES will play.

During the final intermission sequence, just after Snake is given his medal, press R (it is not prompted) If you look to the left, you can see Ocelot for the last time outside of the window.

These snakes are Snake Liquid, Snake Solid, and Snake Solidus.

In order to get The Fear's special camouflage (Spider camo), you must "kill" him using the MK22. Do not attack; the more you hit a guard in caution or alert mode, the more the alert or caution mode will rise and make it difficult for you to escape. Stand on the log bridge and look down and to the east. During the middle of the battle, if you are planning on following The Ends footprints in the mud, or with thermal goggles, and you happen to be in 1st person mode, make sure you don't stay in this mode too long because he sneaks up on you and shoots you in the ass so you end up back in the lab you were supposed to meet sokolov in, other ways to tell if hes right behind you are if you hear him saying something along the lines of, "this is the greatest battle ever" put your weapon down and run like f*#k or else you'll end up miles away, and have to beat all the same soldiers again.

Additionally, when you fall into the dark cave, get the torch behind the waterfalls. Groznyj Grag Weapons Lab: West Wing Corridor: Look out the window to the south at the large pole with the sirens on it.

Once saved, do an in-game reset, then load the saved game. Kerotans must be hit with a bullet, tranq dart, explosive, knife/fork, or punch/kick to be triggered. The guard makes two stops by your cell. Simply go into the next room on your right and look for a vent kinda thing.

To make Sokolov scream, go near his room (crawl space, window, or door).

In Locker you put Major Raikov in (Second time you go to Groznjy Grad). In order to kill anyone with the Single Action Army, do not to shoot the enemy, but instead shoot behind the enemy.

When Snake is captured in the prison cell, do not eat the food the guard throws you. you should find the camo on the balcony. Each snake has a great taste and recovers a great amount of stamina. Immedietly, start slashing with your knife (Square reapetivly). However, his attacks will become more fierce. Even after seeing the photo"? If he does, just wait until he gets back in a tree and repeat until you kill him. If you do not have it, wear the Sneaking camouflage instead; The Boss can see you, but not by much. They will duck the grenades and dodge the bullets (even Patriot).

Never worry about running out of bullets ever again.

Later when you meet Eva behind the water fall, there will be a funny extra intermission sequence that takes place after Snake pushes her away from the kiss. When you are dead, scroll to the revival pill. This will attract vultures. The R display up at the top right is not shown. However, if you want their head chopped off, do the CQC. Grip Raiden over behind the caged fence at the beginning of the Plant chapter on Hard or Extreme difficulty. this room is full of crates so it may be hard to find at first and if you go into that room it will be on your far left.

Immediately after that, press Triangle again to bring yourself back on the branch.

After Volgin gets on the Shagohod, shoot the treads with the RPG-7, then use the sniper rifle to shoot his head. It will cure the food poisoning. Shoot when he either is about to shoot you, is prancing around, or does not have wasps protecting him like body armor. Depending on how you twirl your revolver, he will compliment or criticize you accordingly. If you are quick enough, you will catch him in the tree trying to get some food. You may also eat the parrot, but it barely raises stamina and "tastes bad". When You Pull Out The SVD And Shoot The End In The Head When He Explodes One Of The Wheels From His Wheelchair Will Fly Up And Then Hit Snake. All rights reserved.

You can see his footprints in the ground. After you decrease half of his health, his attacks will get more aggressive -- be cautious. She will first tell you what to do. Make sure you are close enough to get behind him and unload with any gun. Its very difficult to bypass the parts with Eva in extreme mode because there are a lot of enemies and her stamina runs low very quickly.

Want alivetsuchinoko at the end of the game?

As you fight The End, he falls asleep. Knock on the door for some humorous dialogue. Cleared 'Capture the Enemy Base 06' in OUTER OPS using only soldiers.

There is a large building in the northeast section of this area.

As soon as the cutscene ends pull out your SVD sniper rifle and aim it at The End in his wheelchair. It depends on the difficulty of the game of what the frequencies will be so here are some of them. That is your chance to grab and interrogate him. Equip your sniper rifle and get into your kneeling position.

Select the gun on Snake's right shoot Ocelot and get the Single Action Army in the New Game. In the mountain area, kill a guard. Sometimes you will hear her say, "Where did you go? Once he is in either of those situations, this is an opening for you.

Once at the door, crouch down and he will eventually walk by. When Volgin walks in and sees Snake in his Raikov costume he will say, "Major you were suppose to meet me in my room", then grabs Snake below the belt.

However, there is a quick way to defeat him with just a little bit of luck.

If more are coming, do the same, though. Walk north when you reach a light pole.

He stops at two places in front of the door where he can easily be shot. Basically after u have destroyed there wharehouse which i explained before, this makes soldiers more hungry therefore if u throw food they will go to it.

Do not be afraid of his electric attack that blows your bullets out of its cartridge. After defeating The Boss, a horse will come to you. When you shoot the Shagohad's tread with your first missile, reload quickly, and shoot the Shagohad's weak spot.

To perform an instant kill using your knife only, sneak up to an enemy and hold in the square button which will make snake stab an enemy at full force killing him instantly. When you are on the motorcycle, use the dart gun to put them asleep. Aim your shotgun two or three more times and he will give the Moss camouflage to you. Find one of the many traps between two trees and aim for that area. Climb the boxes to get a shot at it. Eventually the shield will break and you will do some good damage.

The Zombie Face Paint is located in Rassvet.

One guard is running back and forth and the other is shooting in the air and screaming "Sprint!" The box should be there.

Stand next to the building with the bullets and items to get a good shot.

It can be downloaded from the official web site for the game. When you fight The Boss at the end of Snake Eater, go over to the 3 fallen logs in the field of white flowers. Then, run to the main door. The Patriot gun fires like a machine gun and carries infinite ammo. When this happens, a hidden intermission sequence begins, showing him picking you up and carrying you all the way back to Graniny Gorki, with the Japanese model and the frog on the table.

Do this one more time and you will defeat him. Enter the hole.

If you shoot near The Boss and not hit her, she will notice you. Anyone who has played 'The Twin Snakes' will notice that they are the names of the three 'Sons of Big Boss'. In South Ponizovje near the end of the level, there is a hard to see path in the canyon on the left. Equip the Thermal Goggles and any weapon that can do substantial damage quickly (for example, the shotgun). or something similar.

Use cig-spray or the handkerchief to knock them out first. 1.If you have any chaff grenades equip them then when you throw one it will explode and shards of metal will fall out the sky and volgin's electricity attacks will shoot above your head at the falling objects,giving you a chane to shoot him while he recharges. This can be used to skewer small animals (which Snake immediately eats), or as a method of self defense.

When you are trying to escape after your encounter with the Shagohod, you are back on the bike shooting at the bikers. When at the the main screen press L1 or L2 to change the backround colors. North Dremuchij: On top of a hollow tree stump in the northeast. Be careful when using the sonar. You can find the Tsuchinoko randomly caught in the trap.

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