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In season three, Bradley comes to BoJack with a sequel series idea Ethan Around which he initially turns down though later comes back when he decides to make amends with Bradley. According to creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg, she is based on a girl who was in his and Lisa Hanawalt's English class as a senior in high school.[2]. A running joke in Horsin' Around was that he had a catchphrase ("Yowsa-Yowsa Bo-Bowsa") to which the studio audience responded with an awkward silence. This garners her a reputation throughout Hollywoo for being difficult to work with, which seems to cost her a high-profile role in Kelsey Jannings' superhero film Fireflame (it is revealed in the series finale, however, that she does in fact get the role and stars alongside Courtney Portnoy, who is also considered for the role). She then admits to BoJack that she doesn't like anything about herself and, at the Griffith Observatory planetarium, dies lying on BoJack's shoulder after a drug overdose. Sextina Aquafina (voiced by Aisha Tyler in season 1–2, Daniele Gaither in season 3) is a bottlenose dolphin pop-music sensation. He also reconnects with his mother after several failed attempts catching her attention after staging a fake kidnapping by Character Actress Margo Martindale.
He's usually happy, even when being insulted by BoJack. An unseen character throughout most of the first season, he is the subject of a recurring joke based on the phonetic similarity of his name to "who" with BoJack and others believing that Sarah's drug connection is a man who simply calls himself "Doctor Who" rather than an actual physician. In flashbacks, Butterscotch is often seen yelling nonsensical conservative hyperbole such as claiming that the Panama Canal is for "Democrats" and calls screws "fancy Jew nails."

The resulting fallout seemingly ends BoJack's unique professional and artistic connection with Kelsey. In season six, Kelsey is struggling to find directing jobs, due in part to her getting fired from the Secretariat film. She begins to suffer from dementia and after an incident at her nursing home, she moves in with BoJack and Hollyhock. He is a graduate of Northwestern University. While at Michigan, she attended summer courses at Harvard University, appearing onstage with future movie and TV stars Jonathan Frakes and Christopher Reeve. Todd Episode!" At the end of season three, she contacts Mr. Peanutbutter about running for Governor of California. They move in together after Todd moves out of Princess Carolyn's house and Maude stops living with her parents. "Character Actress" Margo Martindale – An exaggerated, criminally insane version of actress Margo Martindale who willingly goes along with BoJack's schemes no matter how convoluted or dangerous. Flip McVicker (voiced by Rami Malek) is the human creator/showrunner of BoJack's new TV show, "Philbert". Corduroy Jackson-Jackson (voiced by Brandon T. Jackson) is BoJack's human co-star in the Secretariat movie. In "Escape from LA", BoJack drives to Charlotte's house to find she is married to a dorky, dad-joke making man named Kyle and has two teenage children named Trip (human) and Penny (doe). It is revealed in a sight gag in the series finale that she is cast in Kelsey Jannings' superhero film Fireflame alongside Gina Cazador. Dr. Allen Hu (voiced by Ken Jeong) is a human pediatric physician/surgeon who frequently sells drugs to Sarah Lynn. The Paparazzi Birds (voiced by Adam Conover and Dave Segal) are an unnamed blue jay and European robin duo who try to get incriminating pictures of BoJack, Diane, and other celebrities. Judah Mannowdog (voiced by Diedrich Bader) is a human part-owner for Princess Carolyn's agency VIM. save. At the end of "Later", it is revealed he was able to see his kids again. Mr. Peanutbutter idolizes him and treasures having met him at the awards after-party.
Henry Fondle (voiced by Aaron Paul) is a sex robot designed by Todd in an attempt to get Emily to date him again without having sex with her. Similar to Mr. Peanutbutter, "Dr." is his first name, implying he is not actually a licensed doctor. She overdoses and is rushed to the hospital and survives, although she suffers from PTSD like symptoms when she returns to BoJack's house. BoJack apologizes, but she orders him to get off her property before she calls the police, and warns BoJack that if he contacts her or her family again, she will kill him.

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