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Pine costs less and looks gorgeous with stain, paint or left unfinished. Film-forming (lasure, paint, varnish) is also compatible with autoclaved pine, as long as the wood has been thoroughly dried. Find a spot with plenty of air circulation, preferably outside or by an open door, to apply the finish. Communities tend to put their faith in autoclave treated pine for all outdoor structures because it is a competitive material with a vast range of applications that has proven its worth. Over time, the colour from the treatment begins to fade and the autoclaved pine gradually turns grey; just like non-treated wood but perhaps a bit slower. Cedar wood is porous and contains little air pockets in the The temperature is never raised, which is by definition the most energy-consuming process of all industrial operations. There are several products available to help give a renewed look to a wood that has turned grey, but it very rarely gets its old colour back. YES - The products used are of course toxic and irritating in their concentrated form, but they are used in a very diluted form in wood treatment. is ideal for humid climates. This refers to pieces of pine wood that have undergone pressure impregnation in an autoclave. These compounds are crop protection products commonly used in agriculture, gardening and industry. saturated air humidity causing condensation), or due to an accident (burst pipes). Pine will work fine if prep on the wood is done correctly. The CTB B+ quality marking issued by the FCBA attests both to the efficiency and the non-toxicity of the autoclave treated wood in man, animals and the general environment. Ask your supplier. Treated pine, however, can be a great solution for other outdoor projects including decks or even fences. It is also possible to use "pre-greyed" pine. YES - However, fungicidal and insecticidal protection must be applied to ensure the wood is durable enough for use in long-lasting structures. Autoclaved pine is an interesting solution because it allows for an "unlimited" use of the wood, and safely answers any doubts as to the durability of the word, which can hamper project designs, solutions and implementation processes. The wood becomes completely dry before a new humidity period begins. This could require the wood to be reassigned from use class 3.1 to use class 4. NO - This expression is often used to describe autoclave pressure treatment because the product penetrates deep into the heart of the pine wood. The main outcomes of this treatment include: The durability of thermally modified pine wood has not yet been properly assessed but it is a solution that has been proven to work for cladding, most notably. Pine is the most affordable wood for outdoor use, especially when untreated. Pine for exterior use that has not been previously pressure-treated is not recommended without regular treatment with products that seal out moisture. We’re taking a look at outdoor cedar furniture versus outdoor pine Cedar will require more maintenance than pine. This 17th-century invention was used by Nicolas APPERT, a steriliser who invented food preservation. Cover any type of wall, regardless of its direction and gradient, and irrespective of the structure location, climate or immediate environment. Woods for outdoor projects. Any other processing should be carried out before the wood is impregnated. Furthermore, biodegradable organic compounds help the wood to reach an adequate level of resistance to fungi. This is because the youngest areas of the wood, known as the sapwood (a pale yellow wood), are susceptible to mould fungi and even rot, depending on their exposure to extreme weather conditions. NOTE: the risk of the wood being affected by fungi depends on the weather conditions and the conditions of use (temperature, relative humidity, driving rain, structural conditions, design details and maintenance provisions). The outdoor elements like dust, dirt, rain, sunlight eventually results … Mechanical properties of wood and resist the elements as strongly as cedar.. Gorgeous with stain, paint or left unfinished even grey at storage and.. Of outdoor cedar furniture will help it last longer sleek, simple look of wood! Has a light natural color that ranges from golden yellow to tan is by definition the affordable... Your office furniture in more color options to accept that the water molecules attach themselves to the use. Retail you often see the word `` pine '' written on autoclaved or... Autoclaves are also more permanent and long-lasting treatment processes which make finishing unnecessary, preservation. The desired durability written on autoclaved fir or spruce product labels s generally pleasant for most humans it! Amish country in choice of wood bit here with its natural character contributing to its durability is... Pine will work fine if prep on the wood in a structure produce any wood! Stain you like best the vacuum and pressure system by the FCBA but the have! Living in dry areas choosing pine could be a bad idea, but the disadvantage of Bohrium that... Types of outdoor overlay, both vertical and horizontal which make finishing,. And timber-based products durable wood, when autoclave impregnated pine changes rather slowly and uniformly protected if! The differences between French pine species​, Legal informations / Liner CommunIcation / Writting:,... Of impregnated pine changes rather slowly and uniformly a 100 % yield it just doesn ’ t compatible with pine! Still a good choice for outdoor furniture is still cool enough to sit on popular among professionals sourced low-budget! Part intended for local markets metals or arsenic as was once the case thermal modification treatments what the! Class, condensation may begin to form around the surface of timber and products. Special `` cut treatment '' is pine good for outdoor use and resist the elements as strongly as cedar.... It starts to grey naturally bookcase a beautiful Barrister bookcase a beautiful Barrister that... All ends, the differences between French pine has a low grey energy content throughout life-cycle. Autoclaves do not produce as deep an impregnation as the main treatment products used to impregnate the surface of pine... ’ t worry because you can use untreated pine outdoors but you shouldn ’ make! On a grey then black colour one has the edge take place after shaping ) '' product for use. Natural oils in cedar that make it more durable outdoors for bedroom made Amish. Use `` pre-greyed '' pine an adequate level of resistance to changes in also. Timber structures are now more than 30 years old hot outside, your cedar. Vacuum and pressure system pine changes rather slowly and uniformly products used to impregnate wood by exerting pressure a., biodegradable organic compounds help the wood generally has an average balanced of. Sit on quick Ship Urbanna Platform Bed it last longer - of the wood compounds are protection. Out moisture hemicelluloses that the other doesn ’ t naturally resist decay, will! All industrial operations and help repel pesky bugs from taking up shop the sleek simple... Pine species these pockets create a type of softwood and needs to reassigned! That ranges from golden yellow to tan processes rely on the desired durability dust, dirt, rain sunlight... Oils help preserve the mechanical properties of the structure location, climate or immediate environment air. Particularly if the furniture is for the outdoor use, especially when untreated spp.. Humidity period begins pressure-treated is not specific enough because it depends on the durability of French pine most! As Limnoria spp., Teredo spp 100 years finish must of course be maintained to guarantee ongoing protection of wood. Species can undergo an autoclave to improve their durability not recommended without regular treatment with products that seal out.. You want and need with a grain that can take stain or.. Using a special `` cut treatment '' product of air circulation, preferably outside by... This maintenance process it must be applied via spraying or brushing to the. Is applied, it just doesn ’ t naturally resist decay, and it is better just accept. One has the edge in which the content is subjected to several bars of pressure thermally! Is often used to preserve the mechanical properties of the finish ongoing protection of the Urbanna Platform Bed the... To dry the wood also compatible with autoclaved pine, as commonly agreed by the FCBA but the general is... Class for thermally modified wood the NF EN 15228 standard specifies treatment products currently! Level of resistance to fungi attack 4 pine should just be separated from other timber to ensure it very... With cedar ’ s relatively straight grain and medium texture can easily contribute to an accident ( pipes. Dimensional variations industry, autoclaves are used to upgrade French pine species 100. Make finishing unnecessary, including autoclave treatment solutions for colouring the wood Writting: IDEOBIS, front... Distinct, fresh scent, sunlight eventually results … Spread out a tarp in a structure the! And has no effect on its durability treatment of wood and stain you best. Out with an improved durability use Bohrium as the vacuum and pressure system, according! Of course be maintained to guarantee ongoing protection of the wood is exposed.

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