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The answer is yes. But movies tend to portray only "the most extreme aspects" of the disorder, she said. Stephanie | [I have] a really robust outline, which is pretty intricate.

[32] The film made $2 million from its Thursday night previews at 2,295 theaters, doubling the $1 million made by Shyamalan's The Visit in 2015, and $14.6 million on its first day, increasing weekend estimates to $30–37 million. "[48], Dr. Sheldon Itzkowitz, a New York-based psychologist and psychoanalyst, said he had not seen the movie — and doesn’t plan to.

I need to know I've won already. When Kevin was a child, his father was killed in the Eastrail 177 train accident, leaving him to live with his abusive, obsessive-compulsive mother who also suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Regie führte M. Night Shyamalan, der auch das Drehbuch verfasste und als Co-Produzent fungierte.

"[61] He explained that the final scene from Split was David's realization that Mr. Glass from the first film was right; there are superpowered people in the world. Hilly Holbrook | Dennis and Hedwig listen to her and all three are called "The Horde".

At the end of the film, in a restaurant, the people are watching the news about The Horde, one of the waitresses talks about the similarity with a case 15 years ago where a man in a wheelchair was arrested and had a nickname too which she cannot recall. Zed |

He also reveals to Casey that there is a window in his room, which she perceives it as a potential escape route. Charlie Walker | Zaphod Beeblebrox | [67] On April 26, 2017, Shyamalan revealed on his Twitter page that the script was completed, and that the sequel will be titled Glass,[68][69] which was released on January 18, 2019.

Walter Boyett | Eventually, it turns out that Staple is part of an anti-superhuman society that is willing to refute any evidence regarding to supers and that she plans to kill Elijah, David and Kevin to accomplish it. Dino Brewster |

Mrs. Mott | Dennis sprays her with chloroform and carries her into the living room. [49], Shyamalan expressed hope for a third installment following Split, saying, "I hope [a third Unbreakable film happens].

Blood Countess, Miramax Films But now the standards for my outlines are higher.

When the Beast closes in on her, demonstrating the ability to climb up walls, Casey uses Kevin's real name to call him to the light.

[20][21] Reshoots occurred in June 2016. [3] At the beginning of the film, Dennis (a stern man who suffers from OCD) kidnaps Casey, Claire and Marcia, knocking out Claire's father in order to abduct the three girls. The Beast is briefly tamed, and the actual Kevin (who has been restrained for years by the other personalities, and has no memory of what he has done between then and now) emerges.

Kevin Wendell Crumb is the main antagonist of Split. Split, Kevin's background and the will of his personalities to become a superior being by creating another monstrous and superhuman personality through sacrificial ritual makes him quite similar to, There is a fan theory that the train that Kevin's father left on to and never returned was the same train that David Dunn was on and the one that crashed in, Kevin was initially planned to appear as the secondary antagonist of.

Kevin Wendell Crumb (better known by the alias of “The Horde”) is the main antagonist of Shyamalan’s 2016 thriller Split.

[36], On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 77% based on 283 reviews, with an average rating of 6.49/10. Created by director M. Night Shyamalan, Kevin suffers from a personality disorder inspired by a real-life case.

Ms. Gradenko |

Kevin lives with Penelope Crumb, his very abusive mother that suffers from obsessive compulsive order. He is one of the personality’s against The Horde, and is hoping for the return of Kevin.
Richard Cameron | [29], Split grossed $138.3 million in the United States and Canada and $140.2 million in other territories for a worldwide gross of $278.5 million, against a production budget of $9 million.

[19] Principal photography on the film began on November 11, 2015, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The dominant personality, "Barry", controls when and which of the others can manifest. [24], Split had its world premiere at Fantastic Fest on September 26, 2016. He as “Barry” (who is really “Dennis” disguised as “Barry”), explains a new personality begining to form, one known as “The Beast”. Die Premiere des Films war am 26.

Evil Ed | Mrs. Collins |

[72] The film will focus on Dunn (Willis) chasing down Crumb (McAvoy) in his Beast persona all the while being embroiled in an orchestration by Price (Jackson). With Split, he brought in some of the scenes he had written for Unbreakable around Kevin. Before she is able to speak Kevin's full name, a tactic which would call Kevin to the light and throw the Horde into chaos, he crushes her to death against him. President Koopa | The Horde

Returning to his hideout, “The Beast” confronts Dr. Fletcher. As of September 18, 2014, the personalities seemed to have buried Kevin away deep in his mind.

Elijah does and Kevin assumes his Beast identity to kill the guards.

[18], After positive reviews of Split and its critical and financial success, Shyamalan confirmed his next film will be the sequel film that follows the Unbreakable-Split narrative, the final part of the Unbreakable trilogy. Ethan Roark Jr. | DennisPatriciaHedwigBarryJadeOrwellHeinrichNormaGoddardBernicePollyLukeRakelFeliciaAnselJelinKatB.TSamuelMary ReynoldsIanMr.

Bleak | Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz | Frankie and Benjy | Recovering from the battle, Patricia, Dennis and Hedwig speculate in awe at the power of the Beast, marveling at what it was shown to be capable of doing.

General Spider |

Upon learning of the situation and realizing that he has not been in control for two years, a horrified Kevin begs Casey to kill him with a shotgun he has hidden. Sacrifice Casey, Marcia, and Claire to the Beast (succeeded; the Beast spared Casey when he discovered her "purity").Awaken the Beast (as Dennis, Patricia, and Hedwig: succeeded).Rid the world of the "Impure" (as the Beast: mostly succeeded).Find out who killed his father.Defeat and kill Elijah Price to avenge his father's death and get revenge on him for making him into who he is and for what he put him through.Expose to world that superpowers exist (all succeeded).Escape Dr. Staple's captivity (failed). When Claire tries to escape the room through the drywall ceiling, Dennis finds her and then locks her in a separate room on her own. [63][64][65][66] In April 2017, Shyamalan revealed that he was nearing completion on the script for the next film. [41] Also writing for The Guardian, Steve Rose had strong praise for McAvoy, opining that the actor "does a fine and fearless job of selling his character's varied personae". PritchardThe BeastThe Horde [17] The film ends with the appearance of Bruce Willis's character, David Dunn, from Unbreakable, who makes a comment in reference to the previous film, placing Unbreakable and Split within the same narrative universe. "[38] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B+" on an A+ to F scale,[39] while comScore reported filmgoers gave it a 78% overall positive score and a 54% "definite recommend.

Takes the light when Mr. Glass is trying to free Kevin from his room.

What do you think?

[17], As with The Visit, Shyamalan funded the film himself.

Bill Cutting | Rosemary Howard as Penelope Crumb, Kevin's mother. Kevin Wendell Crumb was born to parents Clarence and Penelope Crumb. Fletcher visits The Man's quarters, where he reveals that he has met "The Beast".

Soon after, when Patricia prepares food for Casey and Marcia, she forbids them from having Claire join them.

Reaching the cell, the Beast voices his maniacal plans to rid the world of the 'untouched' (As in, the people who he feels have never suffered pain or discomfort, unlike him). When confronted by some guards, Dennis states to Elijah to move his wheelchair forward. Unlike the other personalities, Hedwig has the power to steal "the light" from Barry, the dominant personality, and while not intentionally evil, Hedwig chooses to give the light to Dennis and Patricia so he's not made fun of. KidnappingSerial killingCannibalismMutilation Fegan Floop | Roland | Sick Boy |

As he dies, multiple personalities come into the light, each with their own thoughts, until Kevin takes command of the light until the very end. Goals M. Night Shyamalan Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. [15] On October 27, 2015, Universal Pictures came on board to release the film and titled it as Split.

Kevin Wendell Crumb is a supervillain and a major antagonist in the Eastrail 177 film series, serving as the main antagonist of Split, and the secondary antagonist of Glass.

Kevin is an extremely impenetrable and complex individual: The mental disorder that he prominently suffers from causes him to have a myriad of personalities, though only a few of them are shown in the film: Kevin's computer also listed 12 other personalities that were never shown before Kevin's death: As Kevin Wendell Crumb, he is just an ordinary person with no unique abilities.
Enacting a sort of ritual, Dennis then buys flowers and Patricia visits a train car (presumably the same train Kevin's father left him at.)

A highly intelligent man in the field of history who tends to compare historical events, mostly those in the 11th and 12th centuries, to the feud between The Horde and the other 20 personalities including himself. Francis Begbie |

He loves to draw and dance to music, especially that of Kanye West. Spiders |

The Beast bends the bars with its bare hands to gain entry, but before finishing, it notices the scars on her body from her previous abuse at the hands of her uncle. Top Dollar | Occupation

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