joshua married rahab

When Joshua sent 2 spies into Jericho they found their way to Rahab’s home and sought refuge there, which she granted in return for their guarantee of safety for her and her family. Rahab’s life is truly a Cinderella story for the ages. It was from some of the travelers Rahab entertained and sinned with, that she came to learn the facts of the Exodus of Israel, the miracle of the Red Sea, and the overthrow of Sihon and Og. In turn, she was saved. The name Rahab means proud, but among the people of Jericho, all of whom knew of the God of Israel, only Rahab humbled herself before the 2 spies and confessed Him as “God in Heaven above and Earth below.” And speaking of the spies, what about them? The Israelites were confronted by a coalition of 5 Amorite kings led by someone who called himself Adoni-zedek, or Lord of Righteousness (a model of the anti-christ?). Rahab’s faith saved her. Other women in Jericho saw no beauty in Rahab that they should desire her company, but through faith she became one of God’s heroines, and is included among the harlots entering the kingdom of God before the self-righteous. Join us today! 3:10), and brought alive into the family of the Redeemer (1 Thes. There were signs in the sun and moon as in Rev. Rahab’s sins had been scarlet, but the scarlet line freeing the spies, and remaining as a token of her safety, typified the red blood of Jesus whereby the worst of sinners can be saved from sin and hell (Matthew 21:31, 32).

רָחָב), the prostitute (Heb. Jericho was the worst of the cities of the Amorites, thus God commanded Joshua to destroy both the city and the inhabitants. The Gemara now cites an objection to R. Nahman’s interpretation: R. Ena Saba notes that “there were eight prophets who were descended from Rahab – Neriah, Baruch, Serayah, Mahseyah, Jeremiah, Hilkiah, Hanamel and Shalum.” R. Yehuda says that Hulda the prophetess was also a descendant of Rahab, as we see from a verse referring to Hulda (II Kings 22:14), “Hulda the prophetess, the wife of Shalum, son of Tikva (ben tikva),” and a verse (Joshua 2:18) referring to Rahab, “Et tikvat chut hashani – this cord of scarlet thread.” This would indicate that Hulda was Rahab’s descendant, not Joshua’s. The spies she had hid brought her, and her father, her mother, her brothers, and all that she had out of her doomed house, and made them secure without the camp of Israel (Joshua 6:17-25). In fact some call Joshua a model for Revelation, especially where it describes the battle of Beth Horon in chapter 10. She believed with the heart (Romans 10:9, 10), confessed with the mouth, and acted on her profession at the risk of her life. As to the source that she married Joshua, we refer to Tractate Megilla (14b), where R. Nachman states that Hulda the prophetess was a descendant of Joshua, as we see from two verses. The flax that she spread on her roof and the scarlet cord she used as a sign indicated that Rahab manufactured linen and also dyed it.
Sunday, October 18, 2020. Some of the ancient Jewish fathers who held her in high reputation reckoned that she was the wife of Joshua himself, but in the royal genealogy of Jesus, Rahab is referred to as being the wife of Salmon, one of the two spies she sheltered. As Rahab offered to shelter the spies and aid them in their escape, she received from them the promise that when they returned to her country, along with Joshua and his army, that she and her family would be spared alive. The Apostle James adds to Paul’s record about Rahab being justified by faith by saying that she was likewise justified by works (James 2:25), and there is no contradiction between these two aspects for Rahab’s courageous deed was but faith in practice. Nahshon was the leader of the tribe of Judah and commanded their army.

Paul’s justification by faith alone means a faith, not dead but working by love (Galatians 5:6). What a vein of gold that was in such a despised character! He was a cousin of Caleb. Follow me!” By military law the spies were likewise liable to instant death because of the threat of war, and Rahab, willing to do all in her power to protect her nation’s enemies, faced a like terrible end. Before burning the city to the ground, Joshua had the 2 spies go to Rahab’s home and bring her and all her family out to dwell among the Israelites. Is Hashem Winnowing Out the “Undesirable Jews” in Exile? The declaration of faith given by this Canaanite woman places her in a unique position among the women of the Bible. Rahab was a member of the Cannanite nation; so how was Joshua allowed to let her live, let alone marry her? He specifically singled out the biblical heroine Rahab who, he said, married the great leader and prophet Joshua. “Poor Rahab, the muddy, the defiled, became the fountainhead of the River of the Water of Life which floweth out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.” Her name became sanctified and ennobled, and is worthy of inclusion among many saints.
Scripture References—Joshua 2:1, 3; 6:17-25; Matthew 1:5; Hebrews 11:31; James 2:25, Name Meaning—The first part of Rahab—“Ra,” was the name of an Egyptian god. How Rahab came to forsake her evil career we are not told! When at evening the sun goeth down, will our loved ones be as stars in our crown? The characteristic feature of the scarlet rope was that it had to be placed outside the window for Joshua and his men to see. 2), there is no indication that she married Joshua. As an Amorite, Rahab belonged to an idolatrous people, and had a name meaning “insolence,” “fierceness,” or “broad,” “spaciousness.”, Family Connections—While Rahab’s parents, brothers and sisters were alive at the time of her association with the spies Joshua sent out, we are not given any of their names (Joshua 2:13). She desired all her loved ones to share in the preservation. Then the people of Jericho stood aghast as the God of Israel stopped the flow of the raging river, allowing them to cross on dry ground. When Joshua entered the city he set about the execution of the divine command, but respected the promise made to Rahab by the spies. Our Rapture Forums ministry website includes the main site with with over 9,800+ articles as well as a busy forums community. “By faith the harlot Rahab perished not with them that believed not, when she received the spies with peace” (Hebrews 11:31). Yet with a calm demeanor, and without the slightest trace of inner agitation, she met the searchers and succeeded in setting them out on a false trail. By Jack Kelley. Lewis Daily email lets you experience the very best of Lewis' writing.

Her remarkable faith was a sanctifying faith leading her to a pure life and honorable career. The similarities between the Books of Joshua and Revelation are striking. By the way, can you picture this? He can be contacted at [email protected] and [email protected]

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