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In the mid-season episode, Ben reveals that he had a heart defect as a child, which resulted in multiple surgeries. “To me, bad guys are no fun unless they’re fun. Instead, as flashbacks reveal, Judy put the gun down during their “You Have to Go” argument and told Steve to leave. Yet, when we see a shirtless Ben in “It’s Not You, It’ Me,” we glimpse a huge scar on his chest. “To me, bad guys are no fun unless they’re fun. It soon comes out that he is not actually Steve's ghost or zombie, but rather his "semi-identical" and far more charismatic twin, Ben, who's in town to get to the bottom of his brother's mysterious disappearance. “Ben is a little stiffer and more uncomfortable in social situations,” he says. An explosion from a fe, Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Netflix’s Grand Army. ", Ben is the one who is less successful, less good at sports, who "doesn't always get the girl, he's never been a top dog or a hot show; he was always living in Steve's shadow, his whole life.". It’s really about what’s happening in the scene. "It's that nature-versus-nurture thing: these guys had the exact same start and they look similar physically, but they're completely different people inside — meaning, in their hearts and minds and souls. So, of course, what popped into my head was, 'He has a twin! When you enter Dead to Me season 2, one thing is certain: Steve Wood (professional handsome person James Marsden) is dead. As a casting director, you learn to see the soul of an actor when they come in, and that’s what I care about. He’s sympathetic. HBO just announced that the docu, If you binged the stranger-than-fiction true crime Netflix docuseries The Tiger King, then you may have a lot of ideas for Halloween. I don’t want to embarrass anybody, but Liz was adamant that this particular person be very handsome and very charming but also be a fantastic actor with depth.”, Marsden deflects the compliment: “When was he cast, and when was he let go?” he jokes. to the guy she killed, find the door to her heart? “After the show took off, I remember writing Liz a congratulatory email, and I said: ‘Is there any way you can sustain a head injury, plus drowning, and still live? Don't miss the chance to stream Dead to Me, starring James Marsden, Christina Applegate, and Linda Cardellini, on Netflix today.

July 1, … Amanda Bell. Meaning they can’t just be a jerk.

Oh, yeah, he wanted to get hit. “[Christina] is so fiery and angry and annoyed, and brilliantly portrays that.

I’d want to kill myself too.” As a final straw, Steve calls Jen a “miserable cunt.”. The Pearsons Add The Pandemic To Their Long List Of Family Issues... the season 1 finale of the Netflix dramedy.

There are plenty of b, Fans of NBC’s This Is Us might have been worried about the fate of their favorite family drama after the coronavirus forced all of Hollywood to temporari.

The actor talks about his scene-stealing turn as the not-evil twin in the Netflix dramedy. The goofy new character quickly becomes so lovable and compelling that even realtor Jen is taken by him, and the two start up a little affair — except Ben has no idea that Jen killed his twin, who he's desperately seeking.

In eighth episode “It Had to Be You,” Jen sees a photo of the Wood twins as children and young Ben is wearing a long sleeve turtleneck at the beach. How do I come back?’ She laughed, and was very graceful. James Marsden on Becoming the Good Guy in Dead to Me Season 2. Fox's Relationship Status Is Complicated, Don't Confuse DC Superheroes Static and Black Lightning. And you know what? But, Steve didn’t simply walk away from the tense scene. Why are we talking about James? How does this sort of sweet guy, who looks. Ben is Ben — and therefore Steve is really Steve. Meaning they can’t just be a jerk. It was Wednesday afternoon, and Odessa A’Zi, Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Netflix’s Grand Army finale, “Freedom.”  There’s a world where Netflix’s Grand Army series premiere, “Br, Fear not: the sex cult drama-filled part of our lives doesn’t have to end with The Vow‘s finale on October 18. “Whereas Steve, you put him in a social situation and he immediately wants the microphone.”. Marsden plays two memorable supporting roles, but “Dead to Me” is anchored by the lead performances of Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. Explicit descriptions of sexual violence as well.

"Also, I didn't want to undermine the [Season 1] finale. '", James confessed to the Los Angeles Times that Dead to Me gave him his first-ever opportunity to play a twin.

Is there any world where someone can survive that?’” he jokes.

Marsden plays two memorable supporting roles, but “Dead to Me” is anchored by the lead performances of Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini.

Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. The whole season kind of hinges on this.".

Thankfully, if you really pay attention to, One of the biggest question marks throughout, Season 2’s “You Know What You Did” confirms Jen didn’t shoot Steve, despite pulling a gun on him. There are subtle differences in the way Marsden plays Steve and Ben. The Chilling Meaning Behind That Email You Keeping Seeing In, We’re Getting A Season 2 Of NXIVM Docuseries.

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