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5. The B-15 came as some sort of alternative to the flight suits and became the dawn of synthetic flight jackets. and hand written 22c/321 stores mark. By late 1977 the production of Irvin jackets had recommenced and Aviation Leathercraft began. But some things don’t change: we still use the best materials and the most highly skilled craftsmen here in the U.K. We still demand the quality and attention to detail that gained Irvin his reputation and proudly continue this tradition. Unable to find an Irvin jacket for himself he set about making one. In the beginning of the 20th century leather was believed to be the strongest material option to combat the harsh elements, hence, the issue was solved by long heavy-duty leather coats worn by the Royal Flying Corps in Belgium and France around 1915. This thermally Insulated Flying Suit, Jacket is in approximately a size US 40. The B-10 jacket was first produced in 1943 using cloth materials, but with a collar and lining made in alpaca fur. Moto-Lita Ltd Once the U.S. Army established “the Aviation Clothing Board” in September 1917, it became clear that these would be an important part of the uniform to implement. SP11 0ST, UK. The army decided to issue leather flight jackets of their own. By the late 60’s through the 80’s, the bomber began crossing into a more trendy “fashion” territory. Irvin insisted on the most supple sheepskin: in a cramped cockpit movement was already restricted and no pilot or crew would want to be constrained further still. The origin can be traced back to World War I. The early pre-war jackets were almost exclusively manufactured without horizontal seaming. The Irvin jacket is a legend with its place in history, but as much as anything else owning a genuine Irvin just feels right. It seems every label, from high-end such as Raf Simons and Rick Owens, to fast fashion like H&M has created its own take on this piece. 821489. It is frequently worn by celebrities such as Kanye West, and re-interpreted into more modern versions by various brands. Weyhill, Andover Fill in this form to send us your enquiry, Fill in this form to email this item to a friend, Web design for Militaria, War Collectables & Memorabilia. Labelled with war department broad arrow mark and size details. Developed post WWII, the A-2 Flight Jacket arrived in the early 1930s and was…. It would appear that the war in Europe ended before he flew operationally. Much of what we wear owes its allegiance to military history. He volunteered too soon at 17 but eventually joined aged 18, in May 1943. The Irvin jacket was a masterpiece of design, maximum warmth and comfort combined with maximum mobility. Purchased directly from the daughter of Navigator Pilot Officer Mike Wickson. From experience learned in the First World War, the necessity for some form of garment with a high degree of insulation became evident. Stores reference 22c/321, size 5 (Ht. Les Irvin designed the classic Irvin jacket worn by the Royal Air Force during WWII. Horse-leather became a lot cheaper as the 1910’s wore on into the 20’s. Was designed for ground personnel working under harsh weather conditions. Two sliders retain their original leather pulls. Despite some issues this is a decent solid jacket. This new MA-1 brought a few tweaks with a knit collar and orange liner. The B-7 arctic parka was produced between 1941 to 1942 during WWII. People were selling their carriages to buy cars, and the militaries were even getting rid of their cavalry horses. As more civilians began adopting the bomber, changes were made to better suit a customer base with fewer functional needs. It has been authorized wear for Naval Aviators almost continuously since the 1930s. Further photographs available on request. Suddenly aircrew were flying to thousands of feet where temperatures would easily be sub-zero, not a good thing when aircraft construction still provided basic, un-insulated cockpits. Stock code J23635. Jackets dyed in bright, acid colors were especially popular, and created a style that was much more distinctive than its traditional military counterpart. There is also loss of colour in places which can be seen in the photographs. Interestingly there is a 22A/848 mark (?) An American aviator, Leslie Leroy Irvin, designed the now legendary Irvin RAF Sheepskin Flying Jacket, but that wasn’t his first claim to fame... Leslie Irvin was the inventor of the parachute “rip-cord” system and, in 1919, was the first man to make a premeditated free-fall jump from an aeroplane. His training began in Scotland on Tiger Moths before a move to Heaton Park and then flight training in Canada on Ansons. After the war demand fell away and Irvin stopped producing jackets. After much research and with the help of Irvin GB Ltd who provided pictures (though had no patterns) of the original jacket designed by Leslie Irvin and with the help of staff at the RAF Hendon museum a faithful reconstruction of the Irvin jacket was created. This is an excellent condition late war 1945 dated multi-panel construction Irving style flying jacket which is complete with a Broad Arrow marked label. While flight via airplane was possible, it still did not look much like air travel today. Some of the most prominent RAF Squadrons, the RAF itself and numerous professional services such as the Police, Fleet Air Arm and the Army Flying Corps have commissioned us to design and produce their flight jackets. These have come down as the “bomber jackets” still popular today, and are still the primary styles available to the open-cockpit aviator. Back in the UK he trained as a navigator instructor and then completed a specialist navigation course resulting in a posting to the Aeroplane & Armament Environmental Establishment at Boscombe Down. The pilots who flew the P-40 shark mouth fighter aircrafts were provided with the…. Hampshire The Irvin parachute was quickly recognised as an important piece of aviation equipment and in June 1919 Irvin set up Irvin Air Chute to manufacture parachutes for the U.S. government. This example is of later war multiple panel construction. Additionally, Tom Cruise’s character in Top Gun helped to cement the G-1 into popular fashion. Moto-Lita Ltd (Aviation Leathercraft) are the proud owners of the Irvin trademark, which is sewn into each Irvin jacket a woven label that serves as your guarantee that your jacket is a genuine Irvin. The jacket was a big part of the punk movement, often paired with t-shirts, skinny jeans, and Doc Martens. He joined 297 Squadron at Earles Colne (Essex) on Halifax bombers involved in overseas flights to North Africa, the Middle East and diplomatic mail runs to Karachi and Calcutta. For instance, the previously wool collar and cuffs were switched out for an acrylic knit (so as to prevent moth damage). B-3 was introduced a bit later with an almost identical design. The leather is in excellent overall condition retaining much of the original finish and flexibility. Please allow 28 days for delivery. Physically measures about  47" (pit to pit) so theoretically suitable for around a 44" chest. Due to the high cost of producing the jackets the continued production could not be sustained. 'Thermally Insulated Flying Suit, Jacket'. It came as an improved version of the B-3 being relatively more light weight. Not long after, the American military took notice of these practical garments. The jacket was perfect for the mild winters in Europe and Australia, and it became a highly popular fashion item for those associated with various countercultures. aircrews. '10" - 5'11", Br. The subcontractors are often held responsible for variations in the pattern of jackets made during the war. The wide collar could be raised to provide excellent insulation around the neck and lower part of the head and face while a belt was fitted at the waist to ensure draughts couldn’t drop the pilot’s body temperature and reduce his level of alertness. The A-1 jacket was the first officially specified and adopted flight jacket by military. There he worked on systems for the V-bombers and later worked on the famed TSR-2 fighter bomber. Simon Green, the founder of Moto-Lita the world renowned steering wheel manufacturers was also a keen pilot. By the 1930s, the world’s militaries were getting away from open cockpits. While it used to be a heavy-duty aviation garment, the classic silhouette is instantly recognisable. And, while the sheepskin was considered heavyweight the jacket itself was comparatively light and remarkably comfortable. It later became a useful clothing addition for pilots alongside their A-2 jackets. This is particularly the case for the Flight Bomber Jacket. In 1926 he set up a manufacturing company in the United Kingdom, and became the main supplier of flying jackets to the Royal Air Force during most of World War II. Excellent mid length shaggy fur pile lining with shorter fur on the collar facing. The right sleeve has a old patch and repaired tear - see photographs. However, the demand during the early years of the war was so great that the Irvin company engaged subcontractors, which explains the slight variations of design and colour that can be seen in early production Irvin flying jackets. legendary Irvin RAF Sheepskin Flying Jacket. Two notable examples were Steve McQueen’s MA-1 in The Hunter, and of course, Harrison Ford’s A-2 in Indiana Jones. He also served with 47 Squadron and then had a period with the crew of the first Governor of Pakistan. The belt, collar strap and rings and leather hanger are complete and in good condition. The original jackets didn’t have pockets as these were not needed. Both cuffs and waist retain reasonable amounts of fur trim but also have worn patches. The jackets had long sleeves zipped to enable gauntlets to be worn. And that’s what faced Simon Green when, in 1977, he simply had to have a “real” flying jacket.

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