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[249] The Allied air forces lost 1,564 aircraft in June 1944, the majority to flak.
[112] Attacks against Cardiff in March 1941 caused some of populace to evacuate the city, a phenomenon known as "trekking". [128] The preference for night over day operations was evident in the number of bombing operations flown by the German air fleets. Göring was sensitive to criticism of the Luftwaffe in front of Hitler, and hastily removed him from command on 7 February 1944.

Sperrle remained embittered after the defeat in France. The flak corps was reorganised into two brigades, with four regiments each with the firepower of 72 batteries. Richthofen was considered a good combat leader. Sperrle was given command of all German forces earmarked for operations in Spain on his appointment. [116] Sperrle was sceptical about Fighter Command's reported losses. The German fighter force was bled white over the following two months. Just 27 percent of bomber crews were instrument trained. [218] Sperrle's air fleet was particularly weak in night fighter units.

[17], Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen was assigned to Sperrle as chief of staff, replacing Alexander Holle. The cause of this defeat was the appearance of Soviet-designed and built Polikarpov I-15 and Polikarpov I-16 fighter aircraft in the Spanish Republican Air Force which won air superiority. [59] Kesselring's Luftflotte 2 achieved far greater success. Bombing operations continued upon the cessation of Baedeker against Birmingham in July and Cantebury. Kessler did not receive adequate support, despite the optimisim of their meeting. [234] The Allied air offensive had devastated German fighter bases and units while Steinbock effectively removed the bomber force from the battle. Instead, they fought their own private campaigns.

Juli 1903 als Fahnenjunker in die Württembergische Armee ein.

Bomber Command's area attacks against German industrial cities enraged Hitler and he ordered Sperrle to use Peltz's bombers to strike back. Reading the reports, Allied intelligence deduced that the bombing operations against bridges, west of the Seine, and fighter activity between Mantes and Le Mans, had convinced the air fleet staff the invasion would take place in the Pas de Calais. [42], Sperrle was used by Hitler in his foreign policy to intimidate small neighbours with the Luftwaffe, which had earned a reputation in Spain. On the night of 9 December 1940, for example, 413 bombers hit the capital and on 29 December the bombing caused what became known as the Second Great Fire of London. The offensive was halted on 9 May. In the inter-war period Sperrle was appointed to the General Staff in the Reichswehr, serving the Weimar Republic in the aerial warfare branch. Four months after assuming command, Sperrle was rigorously critical of the Dornier Do 11 and Dornier Do 13 in a conference on 18 July 1934. [65] To support the breakthrough, Generalleutnant Wolfram von Richthofen's VIII. 1885 in Ludwigsburg (Wttbg.) Gemeinfrei,, Bild aus dem Buch "Mythos Marshallstab, Der Marshallstab in der preußischen und deutsche Geschichte von 1852 bis 1945." [24] Sperrle was sent a Kampfgruppe (bomber group—K/88), Jagdgruppe 88 (fighter group 88—J/88) and Aufklärungsstaffel (reconnaissance squadron—AS/88). By the time of his dismissal, Sperrle had purportedly long since lost faith in the German war effort and in Hitler and Göring's military leadership. The Germans could not afford to fully equip the Legion, and so the air group made use of Spanish equipment. "[51], The elderly President reluctantly ordered the Czechoslovakian Army not to resist.

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