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They are not an haute couture brand, where houses will create one off masterpieces, hand-sewn and measured to perfection, but they are no less highbrow. Here’s an iOS app that changes that! They are designed for personal, church, small group, and school use, and are packed with easy-to-understand diagrams, illustrations, maps, photos, charts, and time lines to bring Christian teachings to life. How to pronounce Greek. if ( notice ) Languages include Mandarin, Spanish, French, Hindi, Greek, Arabic, Japanese, Russian and more. Learn how to pronounce Greek words, names and phrases correctly with Greek audio pronunciations contributed by native Greek speakers. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of the latest articles, Bible devotions, and free resources by email! The proper pronunciation of the word ganso in Spanish is. timeout Unfortunately, this device does not support voice recording, Click the record button again to finish recording. How to Pronounce Hekate Tomatos, "tomahtos", potatos, "potahtos"; but, not Hekate, "Hecate"!  −  Time limit is exhausted. Learn how to pronounce names correctly. biblical words correctly. display: none !important; A couple of pointers when you are pronouncing Hermès: they 'h' is silent; the 'er' does not sound like 'her' - it sounds more like 'air'; the final 's' sounds like a 's'. Hear about sales, receive special offers & more. FREE “Then & Now Bible Maps: Middle East” eChart, FREE Names of God eChart from Rose Publishing. })(120000); setTimeout( var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_83"); Over 360K Names. ); We recommend you to try Safari. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Greek (name) on pronouncekiwi. The Names of God eChart is a great study tool to help you better understand the God of the Bible. There was an error processing your request - please try again. Get this and 8 other eCharts free just by signing up for the Rose Publishing email list. Since you have exceeded your time limit, your recording has been stopped. The Deeper Meaning in the Parable of the Two Debtors,

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