friday the 13th part 8 ending explained

Jason was killed by Corey Feldman of all people, and while Paramount attempted to replace him with a copycat villain in Part 5, Jason was resurrected Frankenstein-style in 1986's Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives. I believe that this is the 10% of human Jason inside. His appearance has also radically changed, with both his body and his clothing seeming way, way more intact. Obviously Jason didn't always have the Hellbaby within him, or it would have emerged in Part IV, so, like his increased endurance and strength and teleportation, it must have manifested as became more demonic in nature… He feels, he watches, and he is fully aware, but he is utterly unable to control. Notice that when Sean looks where Rennie is looking that his face fills with relief, an unusual reaction to seeing a dead child he has no way of knowing IS Jason, so it's probable that what he is seeing there is the very messed up and half melted adult Jason. This Jason is 100% all demon (and a small, squiggly little demon at that) and no humanity. Review of “10 Worst College Degrees to Earn in 2015”. In Part VII things get bad for Jason. However, series tradition dictated they needed a fake-out dream sequence conclusion. It is weird, fantastical, and out-of-the-box, but it is also true.”. Learn how your comment data is processed. It's kind of hard for me to explain, but it's not that I think he's afraid of water but rather it's the childhood memory of drowning. TOO LONG, DIDN'T READ: Jason's demonic powers grow as his humanity dies, culminating with the ending of Part VIII symbolically showing us "human" Jason's death through Rennie's vision, and JASON GOES TO HELL showing us his ultimate demonic form. In fact, the people who made Part 3 meant for it to be the last one; they just forgot to tell anyone since they were too busy promoting the 3D part. He dies again, then he wakes up again. Jason seems to have much more rage in this installment then the previous ones, making "HUUUURRRRH!" Zito used the extra salary to hire Barney Cohen to somewhat secretly write the script. He had a nervous reaction and started vomiting. Michael Kennedy is an avid movie and TV fan that's been working for Screen Rant in various capacities since 2014. Now a zombie, Jason proved all but invulnerable, and was dealt with in Part 6 and Part 7: The New Blood by trapping him at the bottom of the lake. To put it simply, he was 90% Jason, 10% Demon. Worked in academia for a while. One with the healing and strength of the demon Jason, but with the attachment to his mother and fear of drowning from his humanity. × I think Jason is afraid of dying. Jason wakes up and no longer feels the connection with his mother that he once did. "I told you to KILL and you didn't listen. While all those films have their fans, they all feel quite different from the eight Paramount entries, and retcon lots of prior plot elements. It is indeed a confusing end, and 50virus (or whatever) raised legitimate questions about it. He wakes up, yanks the machete out, and leaves. For all its success, Freddy vs. Jason felt way more like A Nightmare on Elm Street movie than Friday the 13th. I also think it has to do with the fact that, imo. In Part VI Jason is now about 70% demon, 30% human. We get the exact same shot with Rennie... and he leaves her alone. In this scene he is neither. But he came back as something... different. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Why? Obviously Jason didn't always have the Hellbaby within him, or it would have emerged in Part IV, so, like his increased endurance and strength and teleportation, it must have manifested as became more demonic in nature… The few survivors take a life raft to nearby Manhattan, where Jason follows them. Crawly Creature, September 19, 2017 in All Things Horror. Anyway, this reviewer, whose name is “mx50virus,” has questions about the ending to “Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan.” I watched this movie last night, and I had to see what others felt about it. As chronicled in the Part VI novelization, the human part of Jason is not happy to be awakened. These cool-cats sat down with Grandma and Grandpa Jarosinski at Sundance this year to talk about their feature film Save Yourselves! This is an important moment in Jason's history, because this is where he appears to break his bond with his mother. It could be argued that the true end to the Friday the 13th saga was 1989's Jason Takes Manhattan, and well, we're about to do exactly that. Take that, you teenager-killing monster! Even in the first movie they show Jason as both deformed and bald. That takes us through to the end of Part II. However, Rennie splashes Jason with toxic waste, melting his mask off and slowing him down. The idea was for Rob’s screams to highlight how merciless Jason was, killing a rather noble character who not only sought justified vengeance but was also the love interest for Trish. By Even in the first movie they show Jason as both deformed and bald. My only logic, is because part 8 was supposed to be the "final" Friday the 13th movie (for that time). Blows that knock the wind out of Part II Jason tend to only momentarily distract Part III Jason. Create a free website or blog at As Rks pointed out, he could have killed her a few times, but something holds him back. He even gives her this weird head tilt look. Paramount was aware the slasher fad been played out due to overexposure which is why it seemed like a good idea to bring Friday the 13th to an end. However, the reality of the situation is that those actresses were indeed very or partially naked, and Corey Feldman was still young enough that Erich Anderson and Kimberly Beck took him trick-or-treating the first day of filming since it happened to be October 31, 1983. The timeline of the films in the Friday the 13th series is a little confusing to understand, so I've created a go-to guide to explain it all for you. Jason also appears to subtly grow in strength between Part II and III. The big leap attributed to the length of Jason's "death" (in fact, if one is inclined to believe in a mysterious "Elias Voorhees-shaped" figure lurking behind the scenes of the series, making everything happen just so, then you could even say that Jason's slumber was intentional in order to reawaken him as a more powerful creature... if one was so inclined). These things can be seen as further, subtle clues of the demon's growing influence. He takes a new hockey mask from a young prankster impersonating him, sneaking on board a cruise ship.

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