blue sapphire

Weight: 3.30 CT, ID: B6577   And in Christianity, people wear it as an ecclesiastical ring.

Buying a blue sapphire is a little different. Good Reading: Why Natural Sapphires? Sapphires that have secondary colors in greater quantity would be classified as greenish blue, purplish blue, violet, etc. It was believed that gifting these stones made their relation stronger.
Weight: 2.56 CT, ID: B8481  

Kings and other royalty, as well as historical figures, have worn blue sapphire jewelry due to its association with good fortune.

Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. ID: B10536   Weight: 1.81 CT, ID: B9291   Available for $5,360, it can look fantastic in a range of settings, including this beautiful 14k white gold knife edge solitaire setting, available for an additional $405. I actually just ran across a clothing line that is designed for absolutely everyone.

Associated with deep spirituality and devotion, sapphire is thought to bring peace and contentment to one's soul, as well as trust in the fulfillment of his or her destiny. In chakra theory, sapphire is said to help open the third eye to receive wisdom and insight, as well as the throat chakra, which allows you to communicate that vision to others.

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The best color for a blue sapphire is royal blue, also known as cornflower blue. At the Natural Sapphire Company we specialize in providing our customers with the finest quality natural sapphires. To inspect a diamond for inclusions, a gemologist will typically use a 10x magnification loupe. Thousands of exquisite, natural, untreated sapphires to choose from, matched perfectly with our beautiful, custom designed, hand crafted settings.

Weight: 0.75 CT, ID: B8176   Although Leibish specializes in high-end sapphires, they also have a diverse selection of more affordable stones.

It radiates the unique energy that keeps the person benefited with immense positive energy.

Weight: 2.05 CT, ID: B9298  
Instead, each stone is shaped to maximize yield from the rough crystal. Lapis Lazuli Use in Feng Shui, Healing, and Jewelry, The Energy and Mystery of Ruby in Feng Shui, Using Pyrite (Fool's Gold) in Feng Shui Practice, Feng Shui of A Diamond Engagement Ring with 3 Diamonds, Feng Shui Crystals A-Z: Meaning and Properties, Turquoise Stone Meaning and Use in Feng Shui or Jewelry, How to Choose Your Birthstone by the Day of the Week, How to Use the Color Blue for Good Feng Shui. EVOLVE Apparel is working to …, In this fashionable age, shoes are extremely important and trendy accessories, especially for women. Good Reading: Why Natural Sapphires? Learn More. Sapphires of this color are vivid and devoid of brown and gray hints. You can recognize these stones because of their medium to dark blue hue with high saturation.

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