battle of karbala sunni view

[161] The universe as well as humanity are described as having been created on the day of Ashura (10 Muharram). I'm excited to know that what are the different perceptions of Shias and Sunnis regarding the Battle of Karbala. Did Muhammad Receive Revelation by Mistake?! The event has had an emotional impact on Sunnis, who remember the event as a tragic incident and those killed in the company of Husayn as martyrs. [62][63] Although the Zubayrids defeated Mukhtar, the forces of Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, who became the Umayyad caliph in Syria in 685, defeated and killed Ibn al-Zubayr in 692. Husayn refused this, citing his abhorrence of bloodshed in the sanctuary,[28] and decided to go ahead with his plan. Imprison the man and don’t let him leave you untill he has paid homage (to Yazid), or you have executed him. Hurr denied any knowledge of the letters and stated that Husayn must go with him to Ibn Ziyad, which Husayn refused to do. For the Shi'a, Husayn's suffering and death became a symbol of sacrifice in the struggle for right against wrong, and for justice and truth against injustice and falsehood. [38][4], After the morning prayer on 10 October, both parties took up battle positions. [4] With no precedence in Islamic history, hereditary succession aroused opposition from several quarters. A young boy from Husayn's camp escaped from the tents, ran to him, tried to defend him from a sword stroke and had his arm cut off. [4] The bodies of Husayn's companions were decapitated. [76], The primary source of the Karbala narrative is the work of the Kufan historian Abu Mikhnaf titled Kitab Maqtal Al-Husayn. Husayn refused, stating that he did not want to start the hostilities. Greetings, we praise God before you, other than Whom there is no deity. Ḥusayn, whose retinue mustered perhaps 72 fighting men, nevertheless gave battle, vainly relying on the promised aid from Kūfah. [20], On his succession, Yazid charged the governor of Medina, Walid ibn Utba ibn Abu Sufyan, to secure allegiance from Husayn, Ibn al-Zubayr and Abd Allah ibn Umar, with force if necessary. He argues that if killing Husayn was a crime its responsibility lay with Yazid and not Ibn Ziyad, who was only performing his duty. 8. "[147] Opposition to the Shah was thus compared with the opposition of Husayn to Yazid,[148] and Muharram ritual gatherings became increasingly political in nature. [174], In Sufism, where annihilation of the self (nafs) and suffering in the path of God are paramount principles, Husayn is seen as a model Sufi. Al Tabari died in the year 310 A.H - 921 C.E. One of Husayn's companions suggested that they attack Hurr and move to the fortified village of al-Aqr. A few days later, Husayn left for Mecca without acknowledging Yazid. [51][52] One of his courtiers asked for the hand of a captive woman from Husayn's family in marriage, which resulted in heated altercation between Yazid and Zaynab. By God, I would not want all the worldy wealth and dominion which the sun rises and sets over, (if it involved) killing al Husayn. [4] He collected his blood in a cupped hand and cast towards the sky, complaining to God of his suffering. The tomb of Ḥusayn at Karbala is a very holy site for the Shiʿah. [116] After taking over Iran in 1501, Safavids, who were previously a Sufi order, declared the state religion to be Twelver Shi'ism. He put a cap on his head and wrapped a turban around it to staunch the bleeding. Isn’t it shameful that he (as) should be born to a slave-girl? His commentary by far is the best of the commentaries. We believe in the martyrdom of al-Hussain bin Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) in Karbala. The events of Karbala are an historical matter, not a theological matter. Rifa’a b. Shaddad al bajali, Habib b. Muzahir and the believers and Muslims of his Shi’a among the Kufans. The Medinese, under the leadership of Abd Allah ibn Hanzala, the son of a leading companion of Muhammad, renounced their allegiance to Yazid and expelled the governor and the Umayyads residing in the city. [81] Tabari quotes either directly from Abu Mikhnaf or from his student Ibn al-Kalbi, who took most of his material from Abu Mikhnaf. [39] The ditch containing wood were set alight.

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