alligator vs crocodile

According to CrocBITE, a database that keeps track of crocodilian attacks worldwide, the Nile crocodile is the one humans should be the most afraid of. Question: Can an alligator and a crocodile have kids together? THANK YOU!!! :). The biggest recorded croc was about 2,000 pounds and over 23 feet long, while the largest recorded gator was about 1,000 pounds and 19 feet long. The only time that wild alligators will attack humans is if they are unexpectedly disturbed, provoked, or defending their young. I now know the differences between crocodiles and alligators. The author left out the most important distinction: if he'll see you later, then its an alligator. Answer: Yes. Question: So the creatures in the Amazon River are alligators? Answer: No, they are members of the order Crocodilia, which includes alligators, crocodiles, and caiman, but they are not a true crocodile.

As for alligators, Chinese alligators are critically endangered; you’re more likely to see one in the zoo than in the wild, where reportedly fewer than 130 of them are left. I do admire those who came before us and who without technology such as night vision video recorders, nor cameras nor guns were able to observe animals as they grazed, fed and protected their young.

As they get older, their hides gradually lose their stripey pattern and become darker. Crocodile and Alligator are often assumed to be the same as both are semi-aquatic reptiles. She has a dual-degree Master's from Sciences Po School of Journalism in Paris, and earned her Bachelor’s in Global Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Question: Is "gator" another name for "an alligator"? Currently, the general opinion is that the size of the animal is the deciding factor, regardless of whether it is an alligator or crocodile.

Now there's like 10 per square metre in a Lake that is 223km x 40km (22300m x 4000m). The color of a gator's hide varies according to the water it swims in. Answer: They are most often found in tropical and subtropical climates. Question: Can alligators and crocodiles mate? In terms of cowboy boots, does alligator or caiman leather hold up better than cow leather? Both crocodiles and alligators are carnivores with slow metabolisms. Web. just a few things are in my mind just I would like to ask .. how can one determine whether it's a male or female? ziyena from the United States on October 09, 2018: My nightmare. Answer: Studies vary in their conclusions. Alligators eat everything from birds and fish to other reptiles, small mammals, and even fruit. Unlike alligators, crocodile snouts are long, narrow, and pointed (or "V-shaped"). Global map showing where crocodilians can be found, it's time to learn even more about the animal kingdom, Get Free Guides to Boost Your SAT/ACT Score, camel spider myths and the truth behind them, Slender-Snouted (Crocodylus cataphractus). Are any of them poisonous and if you were bitten by one would you need to get an immediate vaccine like you would for a rattlesnake for example? can a male Croc or gator kill their females for food? Robert (In Australia) on December 17, 2019: The article states that the Nile Crocodile is the one that humans should fear most (According to CrocBITE - in that it kills more people than others). Question: Do you know the difference between a freshwater crocodile and a saltwater crocodile?

Crocodiles have long and pointed, V-shaped snouts while alligators have rounded, U-shaped snouts. When crocodiles swim, they might reach speeds of about 9 mph (15 kph), while alligators might reach a maximum of 20 mph (32 kph). Despite this proclivity for fun, crocodiles are still aggressive animals (particularly when it comes to their territory or children) and will attack and kill humans if provoked or threatened. Question: Are alligators or crocodiles friendly? Tom Mukasa from Lives in USA on November 11, 2013: Thanks. Is that also possible for crocodiles? If you are in the US, then you are far more likely to encounter an alligator than a crocodile. Nevertheless, crocodiles and alligators aren’t immune to being hunted. Question: What do you know about saltwater crocodiles? Since completing university, Paul has worked as a librarian, teacher, and freelance writer. As well as forming a bigger population, they also inhabit a much wider geographical area, with crocodiles only present the southern tip of the state.

The Florida alligators live in freshwater and occasionally brackish water, generally rivers, lakes, and swampy areas. I found this article very interesting.

What are the differences between the male and female alligators and how does one determine whether it is a male or female ?

Answer: No, because although they might look fairly similar, they belong to separate species (Alligatoroidea and Crocodyloidea). Crocodiles often have many visible teeth sticking out over their lips, giving them a very jagged "smile," but since an alligator's upper jaw is wider than its lower, it can hide all its teeth when its mouth is closed. What part of this reptile is eaten if any?

Answer: Gatorade was developed at the University of Florida and takes its name from the college sports teams, known as "Florida Gators". Paul Goodman (author) from Florida USA on June 02, 2011: Alligators are actually pretty timid and will try to run/swim away if approached. In the US, you are more likely to be attacked by an alligator than a crocodile, although attacks by either are very rare. They don't often attack humans, however, being instinctively afraid of them, and so fatalities are rare. Answer: Alligators and caimans belong to the same family, alligatoridae, and therefore have a lot of similarities, but they are separate species.


Therefore, the upper teeth interlock (and "interdigitate") with the lower teeth when the mouth shuts. It is loosely defined as "any broad-snouted crocodilian." A young alligator by the water in Florida.

Global map showing where crocodilians can be found (Gretarsson/Wikimedia Commons). The country is famous for its incredible biodiversity and exotic sea and land life. There has been much research into which animal has the most powerful bite. In alligators, the upper jaw is wider than the lower jaw and completely overlaps it.

Crocodiles might win for bite strength alone. Spinosauridae brain is bigger for bipedal brain feature can not rotate arm baryonyx teeth are close together t.rex spinosaurus Nile croc are not.

Alligators are instinctively afraid of humans but can lose some of that fear with regular contact. Alligators and crocodiles are known as "apex predators." If the difference in the snout is a main identifyer, why is the gharial designated a croc and not an alligator? are the female cros and gators as evenly or are more stronger then the male cros and gators? While alligators appear dark in complexion, crocodiles are usually a lighter brown, green, or gray. They see anything and everything as just another form of food - much like a Great White (shark).

Alligators are now farmed for meat, leather, and other goods.

I can't believe anyone could not see the difference between a mean ol croc and an alligator mate'. However, in crocodiles, the upper jaw and lower jaw are approximately the same width, and so teeth in the lower jaw fit along the margin of the upper jaw when the mouth is closed. Great hub! Climate change threatens the freshwater habitats of alligators, as the rise in sea levels could inundate freshwater sources with saltwater. American crocodiles, on the other hand, are one of the more timid types that you will find and rarely attack humans. So don't expect to see any "crocogators" soon! Alligators' main distinguishing feature is their wide, U-shaped snouts, which help them crack through tough shells of prey. A Nile crocodile (Leigh Bedford/Wikimedia Commons). Paul Goodman (author) from Florida USA on April 10, 2011: Thank you for pointing out the video problem, Will.

Crocodiles are considered the most social species of reptiles. When alligators close their mouths, usually only teeth from the top part of their mouths are visible. This is very interesting to know me about crocodile and alligator, American crocodile and desert crocodile are not that aggressive even ancient Egyptian could tell different it from Nile crocodile .Cuban crocodile is very aggressive in alligator caiman are very aggressive black caiman well known for that may be because they are more close to Nile croc one nose hole thing.

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