2008 winter soldier hearings

[12]. www.globalresearch.ca contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. A squad in his unit was responsible for the massacre of 26 civilians in Haditha in November 2005. That’s why our testimony is important.”. I feel guilt anytime I see a mother with her children like the one who cried hysterically and screamed that we were worse than Saddam as we forced her from her home. By Gen. George Casey, the Army chief of Staff said, "The cumulative effects of the last six-plus years at war have left our Army out of balance.". The fastest-growing segment of their membership is … [17] The veterans giving testimony were also instructed not to reveal the specific names of others involved in war crimes. An art student at the University of Illinois at the time he was called up, Hughes went back over the photos he took while deployed in Iraq and altered them in an "attempt to interpret the posture assumed as a soldier/tourist in the surreal space of Iraq." “This event is going to empower soldiers to follow their conscience whatever that means for them,” said Mejia, who deserted the military after five months in Iraq. Story Mar 14, 2008 Winter Soldier: Hundreds of Iraq and Afghan War Veterans to Testify in Echo of 1971 Vietnam Hearings Iraq Winter Soldier Hearings: Victory for Independent Media 03/16/2008 05:04 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011 In 1971 at age 19, I had a life-changing experience when I met dozens of Vietnam veterans who'd descended on my hometown of Detroit to testify at the "Winter Soldier" hearings organized by Vietnam Veterans Against the War. They say that since the Taliban does lots of bad things, we can too. Man kann zum Krieg stehen wie man möchte, aber als Mitglied einer Gesellschaft, hat man die Verpflichtigung, sich auch mit diesem Teil der eigenen Geschichte auseinanderzusetzen und Verantwortung zu übernehmen. The program consisted primarily of testimony, with 109 Vietnam veterans to appear on panels arranged by unit so they could corroborate each other's reports. Become Member of Menschen, die den Irak Krieg miterlebt haben, berichten über ihre Erfahrungen, die Kriegsverbrechen, die Probleme innerhalb der Army. Mike Prysner gave his testimony at the widely ignored “Winter Soldier Hearings” in New York in 2008 where many Iraq War veterans whose consciences haven’t been obliterated gathered together and spoke of the atrocities that they had seen committed or had committed themselves in the name of the United States government. They automatically start isolating you. And yet, the war continued with President Richard Nixon pushing ahead with an expansion of U.S. intervention in Southeast Asia, which included the invasion of Cambodia. "Race, Casualties, and Opinion in the Vietnam War". In the words of one participant veteran, Donald Dzagulones, "We gathered not to sensationalize our service but to decry the travesty that was Lt. William Calley's trial for the My Lai Massacre. [35][36], Fritz Efaw, a Chapter Representative of VVAW, stated: "The claims that the WSI hearings contained falsified testimony from men who were not veterans is an old one, and it's definitely false. The three days of testimony was presented by unit: Other veterans testified to the treatment they received when held captive as POWs by the Vietcong (VC). We don't want advertising dollars. They tell you not to trust anyone but the military and they really start fostering that as your sole relationship in life.". Organizers hoped Lane would keep a low profile during the event, and he did, as he spent his time flying around the country defending his book. In fact, not only do we have nothing to gain, but we suffer more because of it. The Centre of Research on Globalization grants permission to cross-post Global Research articles on community internet sites as long the source and copyright are acknowledged together with a hyperlink to the original Global Research article. “The only way this war is going to end is if the American people truly understand what we have done in their name.”—Kelly Dougherty, executive director of Iraq Veterans Against the War. They can send every last soldier anywhere on earth, but there will only be a war if soldiers are willing to fight, and the ruling class: the billionaires who profit from human suffering care only about expanding their wealth, controlling the world economy, understand that their power lies only in their ability to convince us that war, oppression, and exploitation is in our interests. Aaron Glantz, and Iraq Veterans Against the War, have written an extremely important historical document of the Winter Soldier hearings. They also wanted the testimony to be accurate, and double and sometimes triple confirmed by others in the same units. War must be eradicated. Laituri explained that precedent of lawlessness makes itself felt in the rules of engagement handed down by commanders to soldiers on the front lines. An initial steering committee was formed, consisting of Duncan, Ensign, Fonda, Lane, Hubbard, Rifkin and Fernandez, and continued to organize the WSI through September, 1970. He did not really know what was in store for him. “By the third tour, if they were carrying a shovel or bag, we could shoot them. Last week, top Army officials told the Senate Armed Services Committee that it’s is under serious strain and must reduce the length of combat tours as soon as possible. The treatment for combat-induced PTSD is extremely difficult, but in my experience as a holistic mental health care practitioner that frequently dealt with PTSD, I have found that the essential first step for the healing process to begin is to encourage the veteran to come around to the point where he can admit that he had been lied to by the recruiters who told, at best, half-truths and that the orders to fight and kill had come from an institution that does not believe in truth in advertising. In an electrifying shift from their long-timid criticisms of the current horrors, the New York Times just went full scorched- earth on the "racist demagogue" and "man of no integrity" whose rampant corruption, racism, violence, gross negligence and "breathtaking disregard for the lives and liberties of Americans" renders Trump "the nation's most pressing problem" and by far "the worst American president in modern history." I read one of the stories to the class, and everyone cried, and everyone said thank you for a lesson of beautiful truth. That’s what’s important.”. Hatfield also asked congress to hold hearings discussing the use of military force in Vietnam and their relation to international agreements ratified by the United States legislature. And convincing us to kill and die is based on their ability to make us think that we are somehow superior. Winterfilm, Inc., 1972. I've always thought this was a war we should have kept our noses out of. Please try again. A complete transcript[4] was later entered into the Congressional Record by Senator Mark Hatfield, and discussed in the Fulbright Hearings in April and May 1971, convened by Senator J. William Fulbright, chair of the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan was an event at which more than 200 U.S. military veterans and active duty soldiers, as well as Iraqi and Afghan civilians, provided accounts of their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.The event was inspired by the Winter Soldier Investigation of 1971. The hearings were called “Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan,” and the name chosen both in relation to Thomas Paine’s words in 1776, and the 1971 Winter Soldier hearings that were held in Detroit by Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Here are a few of my comments from a review I did of the book for Inter Press Service (IPS): Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2008. The three-day gathering of 109 veterans and 16 civilians took place in Detroit, Michigan. African Americans and Latinos expressed increasingly greater disapproval of the war than whites during its later stages. Two of the discussion panels conducted with veterans during the Winter Soldier Investigations centered on racism in the American military. Most thought the number was closer to 2,000 or 3,000. Space at the National Labor College in Silver Spring, Maryland, the Washington, DC suburb where the hearings will occur, is limited. When the first Winter Soldier hearings were held 37 years ago in 1971, the United States had reached a point in the war that was very similar to what’s going on today. The Winter Soldier Hearings replicated a similar event in 1971 where Vietnam War veterans came together and publicly told unwelcome truths about that atrocity-producing war that most Americans didn’t want to hear. These were people. Winter Soldier Investigations, The Sixties Project. ”We were told we were fighting terrorists, but the real terrorist was me and the real terrorism is this occupation. The War Comes Home site, which I edit and is associated with the San Francisco Pacifica radio station KPFA, will also feature bios, photos, and videos of the speakers. So many people are afraid of the truth. Millions in this country without healthcare, jobs, or access to education must watch this government squander over $450 million a day on this occupation. Midway through the hearings, the organizers insisted that no one make statements on behalf of the Vietnam veterans except for vets. However, the details of the investigation were not made public until 2006, when the Los Angeles Times published the declassified information. Before launching into their detailed testimony, each gave a brief statement of personal information including rank, division, unit, length of service and a summary of what their testimony would cover. “It is impossible to describe to you exactly what did happen in Detroit – the emotions in the room, and the feelings of the men who were reliving their experiences in Vietnam. He had been deceived and placed in situations where he had no options other than to kill or be killed. We're going to do this right. The name comes from a quote from Thomas Paine, the revolutionary who rallied George Washington’s troops at Valley Forge, saying: "These are the times that try men’s souls. Paine was trying to keep Washington’s army from deserting in the face of a bitter winter and mounting defeats at the hands of the British. Reviewed in the United States on January 4, 2015, Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2009. The progressive print and online media also paid attention: articles ran in In These Times, The Nation and AlterNet. "We're trying to create a space for veterans to speak out and change the rhetoric around the war," he said. The event is inspired by the Winter Solider tribunal held in 1971 by Vietnam War vets, including John Kerry. Video and photographic evidence will also be presented, and the Winter Soldier testimony and panels will be broadcast live on nationally Pacifica Radio and satellite television station Free Speech TV Channel 9415. “The exact same units that are getting the exact same training and the exact same orders are getting sent to both Iraq and Afghanistan,” explained Perry O’Brien, a former U.S. Army Medic who became a conscientious objector after his tour in Afghanistan. It’s not surprising then that when asked by the Pew Research Center earlier this month, only 28% of respondents correctly said that about 4,000 Americans have died in the war.

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