2001: a space odyssey special effects

Most films today rely on dialogue to further the narrative, allowing characters to explain what is happening at all times. • the use of front projection and retroreflective matting instead of glass-matte paintings to create more realistic backgrounds (since the 1990s this has been superseded by blue-screen/green-screen systems. Virginia, Mary E. But it’s definitely something film fans should watch at least once. For this infinite corridor of lights, shapes, and enormous speed and scale, I designed what I called the Slit-Scan machine. Lange was responsible for designing much of the hardware seen in the film.” June 1968.). Pseudonym: Charles... ...movie and are these conflicts resolved satisfactorily at the end? Since Lucas is fond of revisiting ideas to create visual poetry inside his films, it should come as no shock that this moment from 2001 also found its way into another installment of the trilogy. They did this by means of a monolith, planted on earth on a fateful night. watering hole using force and their new tools. Subject Terms: Space flight or travel Whereas most films rely on witty banter and emotional speeches to carry the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey instead follows a completely different path, taking advantage of ground-breaking technology to create visual masterpieces with a classic score to match, as well as silence at times. Trumbull lists all the  important innovations and workflow practices for 2001: • the creation of a control room/riling system/idea centre – a room where all the ideas, storyboards, visuals, status reports, etc were kept and filed. The first part is set in the prehistoric period and opens up with apes foraging for food when a leopard kills one of the apes. Do it right - then do it better - then do it all over again. Without 2001: A Space Odyssey paving the way in special effects, one could wonder if the effects in Star Wars would have been possible. Instead of a glass painting, Kubrick adapted a front projection technique to create high-resolution back-drops for his Ape-Man sequences and other sequences used throughout 2001 A Space Odyssey. "2001: A Space Odyssey" was an extremely complex and difficult film to make, and naturally there are many interesting stories connected with the production. will first give a synopsis of the films plot and key points to help lay a foundation for the film. Fleischer also developed ‘karaoke’-style on-screen bouncing-ball lyrics in the 1920s. Trumbull adopted the idea from panoramic camera, and from the idea of the ‘photo-finish’ cameras invented to determine which horse had actually won a race. Locale: Biographical Information: foraging for food in the African desert. start with “The Dawn of Man”; we are greeted by what appears to be a tribe of early hominids It’s difficult to explain just what 2001: A Space Odyssey is about because it is such a personal experience and the ending seems to mean something different with each repeated viewing. Those aren’t the only visual flourishes from 2001 that made their way into Star Wars. He’s also the co-host of the Star Wars podcast, Full of Sith. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. movie is broken into 4 acts, each focusing on a different event and time in the story. Three million B.C. Change ), Jean Cocteau: Mythopoetic Movies – Orphee (1949), Doug Trumbull: Special Effects on 2001 A Space Odyssey, Ep. The movie is split into four different sections, each following its own storyline, with all four eventually coming together. special effects additional supervisor (uncredited) Colin Brewer. A few example interpretations include alien intervention: an idea that alien technology has helped man progress to the ‘next level' of consciousness; to an understanding beyond the physical realm. And now man has to be prepared for what comes next. Masterplots II: Short Story Series, Revised Edition; January 2004, p1-2 Space sciences What I can say for sure — I think — is that it’s about humanity’s evolution from the “Dawn of Man” all the way to our next phase of evolution through space exploration and competition against artificial intelligence. The film has four different parts to it. Kubrick wanted to use an 8×10 transparency for maximum sharpness, found there was no projector for it in existence, built his own.”, • Back Projection (rear-screen or back-projection was used in 2001 for shots of instrument panels). All four sections carry great significance, but perhaps the most interesting is “The Dawn of Man”, which occurs at the beginning of the movie. Kubrik himself has never publicly discussed the ending to 2001 and admits that this was a very subjective film, while many people claim not to have understood it at all. After the leader is killed the bone is thrown into the air and dissolves into a space shuttle. Article Author: HAL 9000 is a big machine, and speaks like we expect machines to speak, and is apparently designed to have some emotion. Gender: Male 100 – 2001: a space odyssey – THE MOVIE CREW PODCAST, Animation and Live Action: Bringing Plasmatics to the Silver Screen_2, Animation and Live Action: Bringing Plasmatics to the Silver Screen, From Cel to CGI: Animation as the Protean Medium, Jean Cocteau: mythopoeic movies – La Belle et la Bete 1946. into a space station orbiting the earth. The music itself takes the watcher on a journey of their own, causing mixed emotions to be felt as the music changes volume. Cut and Paste: The ape leader throws the bone in the air and We recognize the shift in scenes and... ...2001: A Space Odyssey The rear screen is made of a highly reflective material made by 3M – its called a retro-reflective screen. Database: Title: Creating Special Effects for "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Douglas Trumbull From: American Cinematographer . When Donnie dies he becomes a martyr and saves the world, like Christ. Accession Number: Richard Kelly's, Donnie Darko, introduces the protagonist as a teenage boy who is given the chance to live for twenty-eight more days after the mysterious jet engine crash that was intended to kill him.

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